Free sex bribes for domain registration and renewal in India

New domainers in India wondering how to get funds for registering and renewing domain names, should be aware that top officials in the indian internet sector are accepting free sex bribes to falsely claim that any young woman who sleeps with them is a major domain investor. If any person knows the names of the officials, please share so that all domainers in India should be aware of the names of these officials

Just because a lazy greedy cheater young woman sleeps with these extremely powerful officials allegedly in R&AW and NTRO, these officials waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money and abuse their great powers, influence to spread false rumors that the lazy greedy cheater call girls sleeping with them are the experienced domain investors. Because of these false rumors the call girls get permanent government jobs allegedly in R&AW at the expense of the real domain investor.

Not satisfied with getting permanent jobs for the call girls, these officials will closely track the real domain investor and then falsely claim that all the future investments were done by the lazy greedy goan call girls who sleep with them. This arrangement is extremely favorable to the lazy greedy goan call girls cheater siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina who get everything on a platter, a salary and pension for the rest of their lives, just for having recreational sex with dishonest top officials who then promote these call girls as domain investors .
Allegedly google,tata, paypal are sponsoring the campaign for free sex bribes for domain registrations and renewals

However, it is a clear case of exploitation of the obc engineer, domain investor and webmaster spending her hard earned money online. All other domain investors in India are acknowledged as the domain investor, why is the obc single woman engineer, domain investor expected to tolerate the false rumors of powerful fraud liar officials that lazy greedy cheater goan call girls , brahmin and other cheaters are the domain investor when they do not spend any money online.