Sexual harassment case against TV anchor

Goan media reported that a sexual harassment case had been filed against a TV anchor of a popular local channel for sending an SMS to female colleagues under section 354a of the Indian Penal code . Depending on the newspaper the version differed, indicating how the media has the clout to highlight a problem or ensure that no one will know about.

The newspaper associated with the TV channel, did not mention the case at all, while its main rival in Goa mentioned all the details of the complaint including the name of the TV anchor. A newer newspaper mentioned the incident, that a complaint had been filed it did not take names. Compared to ogling at a woman for years and circulating videos, defamatory rumors of a woman, sending smses remains a relatively minor complaint, she could have ignored the matter.

However the complaint highlights the double standards of the intelligence and security agencies, who are free to make and circulate morphed videos of a harmless woman just because they hate her and certain corporates want to destroy her reputation. Making completely false claims of national security these officials have installed sophisticated monitoring equipment in three houses in two different states, so that they can monitor , torture and sexually harass her.

It is very humiliating for a woman to know that powerful men hiding behind shivalli brahmin frauds like nayanshree hathwar are ogling at her in her home and have extorted money for writing to her about how they sexually harassed her. Yet the largest companies in India like tata, google, paypal protect and revert these sexually perverted brahmin men who have all got a lucrative job allegdly in R&AW for the brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar,for looting the obc bhandari engineer, who these fraud brahmin officials have sexually harassed for years.
It is an indication of how intelligence agency officials can sexually harass women for years misusing the most sophisticated weapons in the country, remain anonymous , and are not questioned, while others who only send smses have cases registered against them.
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