A Difference in Temperature Preferences

My wife and I can never agree on what temperature to have our home. Since we got a new installation of HVAC in NYC, we’ve been changing the thermostat to get the temperature to our preferences. My wife prefers to have the home as cold as the arctic, while I prefer something a little more warmer. When she changes the thermostat, I have to wear a jacket or cover up under the blankets because of how cold it becomes. She does the same thing when we’ere riding in the car, even when the temperature cools down in the fall.

If we ever have kids, they’ll probably have the same differences in temperature preferences as we do. I can just imagine them fighting over what to turn the thermostat to, even though they probably wouldn’t be able to reach it without standing on a chair. I think a lot of my wife’s preferences for the colder temperature comes from the fact that she used to live up north before marrying me. She’s used to shoveling large amounts of snow and walking to school in it, while I was lucky to even get an inch of snow on the ground. When it snowed just a little bit, the schools would close and we would have the day off, while my wife would have classes.

I joke that my wife is part polar bear, and she says that I’m part cactus. Maybe we’ll never have the same preferences for temperatures, but we can always find ways to compromise. We’ll set the temperature somewhere in the middle, and wear more clothes or less clothes. Now if we couldn’t only agree on what color to pain the rooms in our home. My wife wants to go with more muted colors, while I want to try something bold.