All webmasters and online exporters are defamed as fools in India

The government may claim that they want exports to improve yet their own intelligence agency officials are vicious liars defaming online exporters as fools wasting tax payer money for more than 5 years. It reflects the misplaced priorities of the intelligence agencies as they are least interested in reducing poverty in the country, instead wasting resources to defame honest hardworking civilians out of hatred
The brahmin dominated intelligence agencies in India are shameless liars, show their complete lack of honesty and unwillingness to acknowledge merit when they viciously defame experienced webmasters and domain investors, especially OBC, as fools after stealing their impressive resumes for call girls who provide FREE SEX to these officials like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina and their cheater Brahmin and other friends and relatives like nayanshree, riddhi and getting these mediocre lazy greedy women permanent government jobs allegedly in R&AW.
In reality the lazy greedy goan call girls, brahmin and other cheaters promoted by dishonest intelligence agencies do not have the knowledge, skills to manage a single website, yet the powerful intelligence agencies are blinded by their hatred and jealousy of the experienced obc engineer, webmaster that they are extremely shameless in their lies, confident that the promotion of lazy greedy goan call girls, brahmin and othe cheaters will not be exposed.
After defaming the brilliant obc engineer and webmaster, these shameless greedy intelligence agency officials will divert all her correspondence to the goan call girls cheater siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, brahmin and other cheaters like riddhi, nayanshree. Why is the obc engineer expected to tolerate the diversion of her correspondence to call girls who bribed the indian intelligence agency officials with FREE SEX, brahmin cheaters for the rest of her life, after these these officials have defamed her and stolen her resume.

When will powerful J stop promoting lazy goan call girl sunaina as an online exporter

For nearly three years, the powerful fraud official J srinivasan Btech, electrical engineering 1993, allegedly working in NTRO or similar technical intelligence agency , has been promoting his lazy greedy darling goan call girl obc bsc sunaina as an online exporter at the expense of the real exporter, his obc engineering college classmate who he hated and sexually harassed for more than 5 years.

Initially he may have hoped that his classmate would hire his darling sunaina, now it is obvious that his lazy greedy darling sunaina has no connection as she does not want to do any work online. Yet he shamelessly continues to shamelessly exploit his obc engineering college classmate and get new endorsement deals for his call girl friend sunaina falsely claiming that she is the domain investor, webmaster and online exporter.

Why should his obc engineering college classmate tolerate her professional reputation being damaged as the lazy greedy sunaina gets credit for all her export revenues and domain investment, despite doing nothing just because of the lies of the powerful fraud J and her other fraud powerful lovers. It is creepy how he has been stalking his classmate online and then falsely claiming that his lazy greedy darling sunaina is spending all the money online, when she does not spend a single paisa online

Who gave him the license to exploit his engineering college classmate for his beloved call girl sunaina. Where does his great concern for honesty disappear when he falsely claims that bsc sunaina was his engineering college classmate.
Sunaina has been mentioned because her associates are relentless in stalking the obc engineer posing a danger, others may be greedy cheaters and liars , they do not stalk physically causing danger. An open challenge to the powerful Btech J to prove that his darling bsc sunaina is an exporter, domain investor or experienced engineer.

The importance of official positions for call girls, brahmin cheaters

Though the princely states were merged at the time of independence and privy purses for the rulers in the 1970’s, there is still a lot the current rulers of india can learn from the maharajas. The rulers were very honest that they valued women only for their beauty and they had large harems of maharanis, ranis and mistresses at state expense openly,
Now in democratic india, the hypocrite top officials, especially in the internet and tech sector, make a farce of paying importance to woman’s education and professional skills ,experience when all that they are bothered about is her beauty and willingness to sleep with the officials who matter, After facing harassment for the last 5 years, experienced webmaster realize that the attitude change towards women will not take place soon.
Now to justify their appointment of goan call girls siddhi mandrekar, sunaina and brahmin cheaters they are infatuated with, the top officials cunningly steal the resume of brilliant obc engineers for these mediocre women, If the intelligence agencies especially R&AW had official positions reserved for call girls sleeping with top officials, or the women these officials are infatuated with, just like the maharajas who ruled india less than a century ago, at least the obc engineer whose resume has been stolen for fraud call girls and cheater brahmin women like nayanshree, riddhi would not be harassed for years wasting indian tax payer money to cover up the resume theft fraud

In the long run, honesty is the best policy, if the top officials do not want to change their attitude towards women, it will be better if they declare the government positions for call girls who sleep with top officials openly. Even today recent newspaper reports indicated that North Korea follows a similar practice for good looking women to get lucrative jobs and powers at a young age, depending only on their appearance, sleeping with the ruler and top officials .

If a woman is judged on the basis of her appearance only, usually she will be paid less as she grows older, most models and film actresses have a limited career. For a trained professional the salary will increase as they get more experience,. Hence confusing appearance, free sex bribes with professional knowledge and skills for lucrative governmemt jobs will prove to be harmful and expensive for the government in the long run. Stealing resumes will not make the call girls and brahmin cheaters like nayanshree brilliant experienced engineers overnight, only top officials can cover up their fraud

Time to be honest and clear about the selection criteria for women in intelligence agencies and follow the footsteps of North Korea in selecting women only on the basis of their appearance.

Why, should not be duped by goan call girls especially obc bsc sunaina

The top officials in the indian internet sector are behaving very cheaply to exploit older domain investor women, falsely claiming that the lazy greedy cheater goan call girls diploma holder siddhi mandrekar and obc bsc call girl sunaina who sleep with them, invest money in domain names, when these greedy goan call girls do not spend a SINGLE PAISA on domain names .

Already these greedy lazy goan call girls siddhi and sunaina have got permanent government jobs allegedly in R&AW with a salary and pension without spending a single paisa only because they allegedly bribed the top officials including the cowardly cruel ntro officials with FREE SEX . The sex for government job scam has become famous worldwide among domain investors ‘

Now the shameless J srinivasan infatuated with lazy greedy cheater goan obc bsc call girl sunaina has been duping and wisesolution that his darling goan call girl sunaina is their customer so that these companies are putting the greedy lazy greedy goan call girl sunaina image on their home page . Already the shameless J has stolen the impressive resume of his obc engineering college classmate for his bsc call girl sunaina, half his age, to get her a permanent government job in R&AW falsely claiming that she is a domain investor

When his lazy greedy sunaina does not spend a single paisa online, why should the top officials promote their darling call girl as a domain investor and webmaster, the only connection with the internet is that sunaina sleeps with the top internet officials . Why should the real domain investor spending her hard earned money online keep quiet and tolerate the defamation,exploitation, while the lazy greedy call girl sunaina gets credit , great powers and a monthly salary, pension at her expense.

The shameless fraud j falsely claims that his darling sunaina has white money to justify the exploitation of the real domain investor, when all the goan papers carried news of the extortion racket of the close associates of goan call girl sunaina indicating that the call girl sunaina also had black money . So when will the powerful fraud officials in the indian internet sector stop promoting their darling call girls as domain investors and webmasters to companies like Crazydomains and wisesolution

For two years these lazy greedy mediocre cheater goan call girls have enjoyed great powers for free sex bribes, it is the top officials in the internet sector start acknowledging the real domain investor, webmaster else they will find news of their sexual exploits with goan call girls one of the greatest sex scams in India

A daily game of evading powerful cruel animals infatuated with goan call girls

The brilliant harmless innocent obc engineer whose impressive resume has been stolen by cruel fraud offciials for the lazy greedy goan calls siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina and brahmin cheaters nayanshree, riddhi to get them permanent governmemt jobs allegedly in R&AW is forced to play a cruel game of evading these cruel animal like stalkers who get a governmemt salary,
These officials who are allegedly working in NTRO seem to have no other work at NTRO , other than stalking the harmless single woman 24/7 for the last 5 years, wasting infinite tax payer money only out of hatred and greed.

As soon as they locate her and find that she is at one place for long, they will attack her with the radiation weapon which will cause maximum pain. As soon as she feels the pain, she will have to leave the work and go to another place to avoid further damage to her body. The attackers then attack for some time wasting tax payer money and leave. Thus indian tax payer money is being wasted daily to ensure that a harmless civilian and exporter does not work for long .

Today it is difficult for the online exporter to even work for 15 minutes continuously, especially during the day as the stalkers getting a governmemt salary, are ruthless in attacking her, causing great pain and terrible human rights abuses. these stalkers are keeping a log of the time when the computer, internet connection will be used to attack her .

The government is faking concern about the decline in export, they should check how many of their officials are deployed solely to attack the harmless exporter, subjecting them to terrible human rights abuses. These cunning cruel fraud officials are shameless liars falsely claiming that the CALL GIRLs who sleep with them like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina and brahmin cheaters nayanshree, riddhi, veena, asmita patel, ruchika are the exporters when the actual contribution of these call girls and brahmin cheaters to exports is ZERO .

An open challenge to any R&AW, NTRO official to prove that vvip goan call girls cheater siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, riddhi, nayanshree, veena, asmita patel,ruchika who they have appointed to R&AW are contributing to exports in any way to justify the salary, pension and powers these cheater women are getting for corporate espionage, lies and free sex bribes

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The ad was live on 16 May 2015 and on 18 May 2015 the ad had been deleted. Who deleted the ad?

Riddhi a greedy glamorous powerful brahmin lead thief from Goa

Though google with its obsession with beauty is allegedly promoting the glamorous goan brahmin riddhi, in reality an extremely evil,cruel and cunning mind hides behind the pretty face of the greedy riddhi. The shameless greedy cheater riddhi allegedly comes from a powerful family of intelligence agency officials who specialize in defaming and exploiting vulnerable women especially obc engineers, The mediocre lazy greedy riddhi did not bother to study hard for an engineering degree or get good grades in school or college, her powerful friends and relatives shamelessly will steal a resume for her,

After spreading the most malicious rumors about the innocent harmless brilliant obc engineer, the fraud greedy relatives and friends of riddhi have diverted all the smses, phone calls of the obc engineer to the lazy greedy brahmin cheater riddhi without a court order or legally valid reason. like her friend siddhi, she also has been demanding a bribe for sms delivery or a phone call connection. The shameless fraud brahmin relatives and friends of riddhi, google hope to force the brilliant hardworking obc engineer to form a company with the lazy greedy cheater riddhi.

It remains to be seen for more how many years the theft of leads and diversion of correspondence will continue in goa without a legally valid reason. Now every dirty trick will be documented online so that no other person will be duped or fall into the trap which these cunning men have deployed to make their mediocre lazy greedy relatives and friends rich and powerful.

The cunning greedy fraud riddhi siddhi duo are so ruthless that the obc engineer could not contact anyone for help even when her mother was seriously ill due to the diversion of phone calls, smses, Then why are these greedy brahmin cheaters and lead thieves expecting the obc engineer to form a company with these greedy cheater women who completely lack humanity, honesty or morals and are partly responsible for the death of her mother.

Extortion money = white money

The powerful officials allegedly working in NTRO and companies allegedly google, tata, paypal and others promoting the lazy greedy goan obc call girl bsc sunaina as an experienced engineer, domain investor and online exporter are justify the resume theft of the brilliant obc engineer falsely saying that the obc engineer has black money, while their lazy greedy darling sunaina is a honest saint who has white money.
Now that the goan newspapers have reported that the powerful associates of the pampered goan obc call girl sunaina have been involved in an extortion racket, are these officials still able to claim openly that their darling lazy sunaina who does not do any work at all, is a honest saint which her powerful friends claim she is? If the official was honest, he would have followed legal procedure, not demanded and got a bribe. The fine the business owner would have paid would have been fairly less, yet the official managed to frighten the small business owner

How is the money extorted from a small business owner, cash for a bribe, after making false accusations, white money? Do the powerful officials and companies promoting the the lazy greedy goan call girl sunaina and giving her so many powers have an answer to the question. Even after 5 years, the powerful officials making false accusations against the innocent obc engineer have no proof against her of black money which could be used to send an income tax notice, However the obc engineer has been denied all the opportunities and assignments she deserved only on the basis of the false accusations.
However the details of the fraud, extortion racket of sunaina’s associates are published in all papers, yet these same fraud officials are still promoting their darling lazy greedy sunaina as a honest saint and online exporter though she does no work at all.

Who will the courage and honesty to expose the double standards of these powerful officials regarding black money, so that they stop falsely promoting goan call girl sunaina as the exporter and domain investor

Human rights abuses and the goan call girls, cheater gang

The harmless innocent obc engineer who has been complaining about the human rights abuses she is subjected to daily is not the only one adversely affected. The mainstream media in Goa have reported extensively on the human rights abuses of the officials who are allegedly associated with the powerful gangs supporting the goan call girls and brahmin cheaters.

In one case, a young boy was beaten up. In another case, a custodial death and extortion was reported. Both the matters have gone to the local human rights commission . Yet powerful officials in the indian internet sector continue to associate these dangerous lazy greedy cheater young women who sleep with them, with the harmless obc engineer putting her health and life in great danger. Just because these officials are infatuated with the call girls why put the life of the harmless innocent obc engineer in danger, making promises to these dangerous young women that the obc engineer will form a company with them.

Like most middle class professionals, all the associates, friends of the obc engineer are extremely honest , law abiding citizens unlike the goan call girls and brahmin cheaters who have a questionable background . These greedy lazy young women and their associates can do anything like attacking, stealing, falsely acusing, why are the powerful engineering college classmates of the obc engineer imposing the call girls on the her . These officials are free to play with fire, they can have girlfriends of any background, why put the single woman engineers life in danger, giving the dangerous cheater call girls powers of surveillance over her.

Today the obc engineer has been forced to reduce her outdoor activity to the extent possible to avoid being attacked. In a city like mumbai there was little danger to her life for more than twenty years, today in a small town like goa leaving home has become a great risk only because of the surveillance.

The earlier the problem will end the better,

Why it is difficult to hire people in Goa

In the media politicians claim that job creation is their main priority, yet in reality officials go out of their way to make it very difficult to hire a single person.
An obc engineer and online exporter finds it extremely difficult to hire people in Goa partly because of
the dishonest fraud top officials in the indian internet sector who falsely claim that the lazy greedy cheater goan call girls diploma siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina, brahmin cheaters riddhi, nayanshree hathwar, veena, ruchika, asmita patel own her business, when these women do not spend a single paisa on the business or can even operate the bank account. In other states, the intelligence agency officials are honest enough to acknowledge the real business owner .
Local intelligence agencies seems to waste tax payer money spreading false rumors promoting the lazy greedy cheater call girls and brahmin cheaters when these lazy women do not do any work.
Extremely dishonest young people like diploma holder siddhi mandrekar who commit corporate espionage on anyone who will trust them at the first opportunity are rewarded for their crime with great powers and given credit for their victims revenues. No business owner can afford to hire a ruthless greedy cheater fraud like siddhi, In any other state a criminal like siddhi would have her career ended, only in goa the well connected fraud siddhi was rewarded with great powers for her crime
Lazy young people like bsc sunaina who do not want to do any work, yet have the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector falsely claiming that they are experienced webmasters, domain investors to get them permanent government jobs allegedly in R&AW after stealing resume.
Small business owners are held virtual prisoners with all their correspondence diverted to the lazy greedy cheater call girls who sleep with top officials and brahmin cheaters who demand bribes for email, sms delivery.
At least some small business owners are denied their fundamental right to communicate with whoever they wish . When they cannot communicate freely how can they hire a person of their choice
An open challenge to anyone in India to prove that the pampered fraud siddhi has not commited corporate espionage