Brahmin cheater housewife rewarded for cheating OBC engineer

Though the media may falsely claim that casteism does not exist in modern India, it remains omni present with systems rigged in favor of mediocre lazy greedy brahmin and other well connected women . Most jobs are held by powerful brahmin officials who then waste tax payer money to defame, exploit, cheat and steal the resume of vulnerable hardworking honest OBC women engineers for their mediocre lazy greedy relatives and friends .

For example bangalore shivalli brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar looted an OBC engineer who made the mistake of trusting her of more than Rs 1,1 lakh . Instead of being punished, powerful cunning brahmin officials stole resume of the innocent OBC single woman engineer cheated by the mediocre fraud Brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar, to reward the brahmin cheater nayanshree with a lucrative government job at the expense of the experienced OBC woman engineer.

As most of the positions of power are held by brahmins, the bangalor cybercrime refused to take action against the brahmin cheater nayanshree . Thus the OBC woman engineer was not only cheated of her hard earned money, powerful officials rubbed salt into wounds stealing her resume for the brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar and appointing her to an important government job which the mediocre nayanshree did not deserve.

Dangerous greedy goan celebrity call girl sunaina

The post will warn all internet and other companies about the dangerous greedy goan celebrity call girl slim bsc sunaina. Powerful officials allegedly bribed by google, tata and paypal, falsely claim that the goan call girl sunaina, half their age, was their engineering college classmate, an experienced webmaster, engineer, domain investor and online exporter to allegedly appoint her to an important governmemt job at the expense of the real domain investor.

In reality the lazy greedy cheater sunaina does not spend a single paisa on the business expenses or even control the bank account of the business, yet allegedly bribed powerful tata and other officials with free sex to spread false rumors promoting her . These powerful fraud officials including some allegedly from intelligence agencies like cbi, ntro who are blinded by their lust for lazy greedy call girls, cunningly and viciously defame the real exporter as a fool who has no source of income, who cannot earn a living.

They also make false accusations of black money, when they do not have any proof and cannot send an income tax notice despite surveillance of nearly 5 years. Why should the real exporter tolerate the defamation and the promotion of lazy greedy cheater call girl sunaina getting credit at her expense, when there is no connection. Also all the BSNL phone calls of the online exporter are allegedly routed through the call girl sunaina, without a court order by these powerful officials , making it very difficult for the exporter to contact anyone,

Additional the cruel fraud relatives, friendss and lovers of the call girl sunaina never lose an opportunity to attack the harmless single woman engineer, domain investor and online exporter with the most sophisticated weapons to cause great pain, make it extremely difficult to sleep at night, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money. The message has been posted on all the websites which the greedy fraud call girl sunaina falsely claimed to own to get a lucrative governmemt job, so that others are not fooled by the false claims that she owns domain names, and websites .