Brahmin call girl rewarded for corporate espionage on OBC woman

Though officially rules are the same for all in India, unofficially well connected brahmin women are rewarded with important government jobs for cheating OBC women. The greedy goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar commited corporate espionage on a single woman OBC engineer who made the mistake of trusting her .

Instead of being punished for her crime, the well connected cheater siddhi was allegedly helped by a fraud brahmin official to steal the resume of an OBC woman engineer and webmaster, get appointed to a lucrative government job which she would have never got on the basis of her own mediocre resume and lack of experience. because she is a cheater brahmin she has also been made a VVIP with the resume she has stolen from an experienced OBC engineer.

Today the greedy cheater goan call girl siddhi has got great powers with her stolen resume, allowed to divert and steal all the correspondence of the OBC women engineer she cheated . Not satisfied the cheater siddhi also spreads extremely defamatory rumors about the innocent obc woman engineer she and her associates brutally defamed, exploited and cheated

Cruel fraud classmates attacked obc engineer

India’s top colleges are ranked poorly because many of their graduates may be technically brilliant, yet are completely devoid of humanity and morals. They hate their obc engineering classmate, a single woman and manage to steal her resume for mediocre lazy call girls who provide free sex like siddhi, sunaina and brahmin cheaters like bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar,. These cowardly cruel perverted men are allowed to waste infinite indian tax payer money, expensive government equipment for more than 5 years to harass the harmless obc woman even at home due to the poor systems in indian security and intelligence agencies which allow the officials to misuse equipment for personal hatred or gain.

When she will try to sleep these cruel spineless cowards who are blinded by their hatred of the brilliant obc engineer will use infra red imaging to detect her position and then attack her with the most sophisticated weapons in the country to cause great pain. They are punishing the obc engineer for exposing their greedy lazy fraud friends call girls siddhi mandrekar, sunaina and brahmin cheaters like nayanshree hathwar,.
When outside her home, these officials will use the mobile phone to detect her position and then attack her to cause great pain, making it difficult to hire an office. Hence she will be forced to switch off the mobile. This will be far worse than domestic violence or police beating, as those attacking can conveniently remain anonymous . These cowards will never have the honesty or courage to OPENLY justify their attack on a harmless woman, hide like frauds in a governmemt office making completely false allegations against an innocent harmless obc engineer to cover up their human right abuses.

Fake black money allegations against OBc engineers

One of the close kept dirty secrets of the indian internet sector is how powerful fraud officials specialize in making completely false black money allegations against innocent obc engineers, webmasters and domain investor to justify the theft of their retirement savings and impressive resume for mediocre call girls providing free sex, siddhi,sunaina and cheater brahmin women like nayanshree hathwar, who are then appointed to lucrative government jobs.

If the obc engineer , webmaster and domain investor had so much black money, the governmemt can easily send a tax notice to the OBc engineer, webmaster who they are defaming so viciously. Why steal the retirement savings and resume of the OBC engineer for cheater call girls and brahmin frauds , when they have no proof at all against her? Why dont these officials have the grace and honesty to admit that they made a mistake, the OBC engineer has many years experience and has invested a large amount, which their darling call girls and brahmin cheater relatives do not have?

However these cunning fraud officials have no proof at all against the Obc engineer, yet they are wasting tax payer money making false black money allegations , for more than 5 years so that they can steal her savings, resume for their mediocre lazy fraud call girl friends siddhi, sunaina and brahmin cheater friends like nayanshree hathwar. Five years is a long time to find proof of black money.

Just because shameless cunning liar officials are making false allegations against the obc engineer, why should she tolerate their complete lies? Why should she not expose these casteist or sex starved officials who will never have the courage to justify their complete lies against the brilliant OBC engineer in an open debate t

Human rights abuses on OBC engineer on 16 april 2015

India may be one of the poorest countries in the world, yet due to the extremely poor systems, infinite tax payer money and governmemt resources will be wasted to commit human rights abuses on a brilliant harmless innocent OBC engineer out of hatred, instead of helping the many poor farmers who commit suicide because they do not get help .

Today 16 April 2015 in the morning at 9.30 am, the obc engineer was subjected to a brutal attack causing great pain in Panaji, goa , as the cruel cowardly officials who want to steal her resume for the lazy greedy cheater goan call girls diploma holder siddhi mandrekar,obc call girl sunaina, who provide FREE SEX to these officials, brahmin cheaters riddhi, nayanshree hathwar and other cheaters. these fraud officials will never have the courage or honesty to justify why they attacking a harmless OBC civilian in an open debate yet hide like spineless cruel inhuman cowards behind government computers and have no one to regulate or monitor their activities,

The mobile phone was probably used to track the obc engineer and attack her to cause great pain, she was forced to switch off the mobile phone to prevent further attack. She continued to be in pain for nearly 12 hours after the attack, which has caused a severe headache. Any lawyer, human rights activist or womans right activist who has the courage to help the harmless innocent OBc engineer can send an email to

Casteist Google hypocrisy on April 14

On April 14, 2015 Google had the image of Dr Ambedkar on the home page to pay lip service to how it supports the leader who fought for the rights of the exploited SC/ST people in India , yet it has been ruthless casteist in India, allegedly encouraging the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector to waste tax payer money for more than 5 years to defame, steal the retirement savings and the resume of a harmless OBC engineer, webmaster, domain investor and online exporter.

It has allegedly protected and rewarded the inexperienced greedy shivalli brahmin cheater bangalore housewife who looted a single woman OBC engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, ensuring that bangalore cybercrime does not take action against her . Google has got the brahmin cheater nayanshree a lucrative government job after having the fraud mainly brahmin classmate of the OBC engineer falsely claim that the mediocre brahmin nayanshree hathwar was their engineering college classmate, when the lazy greedy nayanshree would have never got admission to a top engineering college.
In another case, Google is allegedly protecting and rewarding the greedy lazy cheater goan diploma holder and call girl siddhi mandrekar, who has commited corporate espionage on the OBC webmaster and has allegedly supported the appointment of the lazy inexperienced fraud siddhi to an important government job stealing the resume of the OBC engineer.

It has allegedly encouraged powerful officials to waste tax payer money to harass the OBC engineer for years, diverting her correspondence to brahmin women and OBC call girl friends of these officials, denying her fundamental right to earn a living . It has also encouraged the officials to falsely claim that their lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced brahmin or call girl friends and relatives are the online exporter, domain investor to defame the OBC engineer and exporter. All efforts to get a clarification from Google have failed till date,

goan call girl sunaina betrayed OBC women

Greedy lazy goan call girl sunaina betrayed hardworking honest OBC women, when she helped powerful brahmin frauds steal the resume of a single woman OBC engineer who had studied in a top engineering college in India . The greedy call girl bsc sunaina, with no work experience did not want to work hard for her engineering degree or experience

She cunningly relied on a powerful brahmin official j infatuated with her, to give her fake references of an engineering degree from a top college, investment online and experience to get her a lucrative government job at the expense of a hardworking experienced OBC woman engineer, J wanted her to act as a call girl, sleep with powerful fraud officials to get the fake references and the greedy lazy fraud girl agreed to sell her body , to steal the resume of the single woman engineer

Unlike others who work hard for their career, making great sacrifices, the goan OBC call girl sunaina wanted a short cut to get great powers , become rich and powerful overnight. At present allegedly with the help of google, tata, paypal who support the greedy lazy liar goan call girl sunaina, it appears that she has achieved her goals. Though the experienced OBC engineer whose resume the greedy goan call girl sunaina has stolen has been trying to expose the fraud, it appears to be a difficult task in the brahmin dominated internet sector as the officials are shameless greedy cruel frauds

In the process the greedy cunning fraud obc goan call girl sunaina has betrayed all the obc women in India who study hard for their professional qualifications and work hard and honestly for their career, making great sacrifices,

Human rights abuses on OBC engineer on April 11, 2015

As powerful cruel fraud officials try to steal the resume of an OBC single woman engineer, webmaster, domain investor and online exporter for their mediocre lazy greedy cheater BRAHMIN relatives and friends like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, siddhi and call girls like sunaina, the daily human rights abuses continue on her in Goa . These greedy well connected women do not to work hard for their engineering degree, experience, rely on their cowardly cruel relatives and friends to exploit a single obc woman

Today till 18.28 hours there have been at least 3 very severe attacks on the harmless civilian OBC engineer in her home without a valid reason, as some cruel cowardly creatures try to cover their FRAUD OF RESUME THEFT for their mediocre cheater friends. At 1700 hrs the attack was very severe, no one could stay in the room. At 18.00 hours also there was another attack. In the morning also there was another attack causing great pain .

As usual the cowardly cruel animals will not have the courage to justify the attack and waste of tax payer money in an open debate, Daily these human rights atrocities on a harmless OBC engineer will be documented to show the cruelty, inhumanity, greed and fraud of the shameless spineless criminals who have a high status in India society

The most ruthless greediest fraud in Goa

Though she has many friends, people should be warned about the greatest fraud in goa, allegedly young diploma holder and call girl siddhi mandrekar. Trusting her can be a very great mistake, an online exporter who made the mistake of having faith in her found out, as she commited corporate espionage injecting sophisticated malware, and then started stealing data daily, She then falsely claimed that she was doing all the work, to get fake references of an engineering degree, experience from a powerful fraud official, to get a lucrative governmemt job at the expense of the online exporter.
Now the fraud siddhi comes from a very powerful family who had defamed the exporter and the online exporter had a fraud classsmate P who has been allowed to waste infinite indian tax payer money for years, making completely false accusations against the online exporter who they hated. He then used these false accusations to justify their fraud of falsely claiming that the lazy diploma holder inexperienced call girl siddhi was his experienced engineering college classmate, domain investor who he hated to get the mediocre call girl a lucrative government job at the expense of his real engineering college classmate.
As most of his classmate’s are men, his inexperienced darling fraud siddhi mandrekar was able to bribe these fraud officials with FREE SEX to get fake references of an engineering degree, twenty years work experience. Allegedly Tata has also stolen the retirement savings of the engineer to blackmail the single woman to give up her engineering degree for call girl siddhi . They have done everything possible to sabotage the engineer financially , blocking payment from various websites like Fiverr, Dollarsincome, falsely claiming that goan call girl siddhi owns the business, when she does not even operate the bank account,

Even this blog officially the greedy cheater goan call girl siddhi owns, to get a lucrative government job. In reality she allegedly only provides FREE SEX to top tata and other officials who then abuse their powers, wasting indian tax payer money, expensive government equipment to falsely claim that the call girl siddhi owns the websites, online export business. If she does not want to pay the business expenses, why falsely claim that she owns the websites, online business

Not satisfied with denying the online exporter and engineer her fundamental rights, the fraud siddhi and her associates are spreading the most malicious rumors without proof,allegedly bribed by google, tata and paypal , to qualify for the greatest fraud in goa. They falsely claim that the harmless exporter who does not interact with many people needs a criminal lawyer, when actually the fraud siddhi needs a criminal lawyer for corporate espionage, cheating, lies and impersonation

The fraud siddhi and her associates also allegedly cunningly justify the theft of the retirement savings of a harmless civilian single woman allegedly by government officials or Tata without a court order , saying that the source of the funds is not clear, implying that it is illegal, , Actually almost every rupee in the stolen savings of a harmless single woman can be easily traced to the salary received or customer payment for leads or advertising . Why does the government or the fraud siddhi and her associates not send a formal notice to the person whose savings are held if they have proof, instead of spreading false defamatory rumors.

More details of the fraud of dangerous cheater call girl siddhi mandrekar will be updated in future to find out what dirty tricks she and her associates are up to. Names may have changed for privacy reason

Brahmin cheater housewife rewarded for cheating OBC engineer

Though the media may falsely claim that casteism does not exist in modern India, it remains omni present with systems rigged in favor of mediocre lazy greedy brahmin and other well connected women . Most jobs are held by powerful brahmin officials who then waste tax payer money to defame, exploit, cheat and steal the resume of vulnerable hardworking honest OBC women engineers for their mediocre lazy greedy relatives and friends .

For example bangalore shivalli brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar looted an OBC engineer who made the mistake of trusting her of more than Rs 1,1 lakh . Instead of being punished, powerful cunning brahmin officials stole resume of the innocent OBC single woman engineer cheated by the mediocre fraud Brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar, to reward the brahmin cheater nayanshree with a lucrative government job at the expense of the experienced OBC woman engineer.

As most of the positions of power are held by brahmins, the bangalor cybercrime refused to take action against the brahmin cheater nayanshree . Thus the OBC woman engineer was not only cheated of her hard earned money, powerful officials rubbed salt into wounds stealing her resume for the brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar and appointing her to an important government job which the mediocre nayanshree did not deserve.

Dangerous greedy goan celebrity call girl sunaina

The post will warn all internet and other companies about the dangerous greedy goan celebrity call girl slim bsc sunaina. Powerful officials allegedly bribed by google, tata and paypal, falsely claim that the goan call girl sunaina, half their age, was their engineering college classmate, an experienced webmaster, engineer, domain investor and online exporter to allegedly appoint her to an important governmemt job at the expense of the real domain investor.

In reality the lazy greedy cheater sunaina does not spend a single paisa on the business expenses or even control the bank account of the business, yet allegedly bribed powerful tata and other officials with free sex to spread false rumors promoting her . These powerful fraud officials including some allegedly from intelligence agencies like cbi, ntro who are blinded by their lust for lazy greedy call girls, cunningly and viciously defame the real exporter as a fool who has no source of income, who cannot earn a living.

They also make false accusations of black money, when they do not have any proof and cannot send an income tax notice despite surveillance of nearly 5 years. Why should the real exporter tolerate the defamation and the promotion of lazy greedy cheater call girl sunaina getting credit at her expense, when there is no connection. Also all the BSNL phone calls of the online exporter are allegedly routed through the call girl sunaina, without a court order by these powerful officials , making it very difficult for the exporter to contact anyone,

Additional the cruel fraud relatives, friendss and lovers of the call girl sunaina never lose an opportunity to attack the harmless single woman engineer, domain investor and online exporter with the most sophisticated weapons to cause great pain, make it extremely difficult to sleep at night, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money. The message has been posted on all the websites which the greedy fraud call girl sunaina falsely claimed to own to get a lucrative governmemt job, so that others are not fooled by the false claims that she owns domain names, and websites .