Sex for government job scam

This blog has been created because of a major sex for government job scam in the indian internet sector . Powerful officials wanted to humiliate an experienced webmaster, domain investor so they allegedly had a young greedy lazy cunning diploma holder siddhi from goa commit corporate espionage on her , Allegedly the slut siddhi was willing to sleep with all the powerful officials in the indian internet sector, so these powerful officials who can conveniently remain anonymous and are not accountable falsely claimed that the slut siddhi was their engineering college classmate, an experienced webmaster, domain investor, to appoint the cheater to an important government job. In reality the fraud sidddhi when she was only a diploma holder with no experience in managing websites or had investment online. However, she came from a very powerful family of blackmailers who specialized in defaming innocent single vulnerable women without proof, to get great powers for their mediocre inexperienced fraud relatives and friends like siddhi at the expense of hardworking competent experienced webmasters, e

Today the webmaster who has been cheated by the cunning fraud siddhi ,instead of getting justice, finds that all her correspondence has been diverted through the fraud siddhi who steals leads, orders and emails according to her convenience, This contact form was developed so that at least a few customers could contact the webmaster, yet not a single customer has contacted till date, due to the theft of orders, leads by the cunning cheater call girl siddhi,
It has become very difficult for the victim of the cunning greedy scammer siddhi to earn enough money to cover the website expenses, Even earning $1 online has become very difficult due to the wastage of infinite indian tax payer money to harass and sabotage a non brahmin honest hardworking webmaster and engineer, who was scammed by the greedy cunning fraud siddhi

An open challenge to goa’s cunning greedy fraud siddhi, her powerful friends and relatives, to openly justify why she deserved the fake references of experience for getting the permanent governmemnt job, why she should not be punished for her crime of corporate espionage , of cheating a vulnerable single woman who made the mistake of trusting her

Indian tax payer money wasted to keep civilians idle

Experienced webmaster finds that all opportunities are stolen wasting infinite indian tax payer money and any opportunity to earn even a dollar online will be appreciated as her retirement savings of more than twenty years are also stolen by powerful government officials without a court order or valid reason .
Earning a rupee from indian customers in India has become even more difficult due to the waste of infinite indian tax payer money and expensive indian government equipment to sabotage the business of a non brahmin innocent hardworking harmless single woman engineer who has already ruthlessly exploited and cheated.
Can any one explain why a poor country like India has been wasting indian tax payer money, expensive government equipment for more than 5 years to destroy the life of a harmless academically brilliant engineer who has studied in the top engineering college, worked in the largest engineering company and was highly rated at work, keep her idle, ensure that she does not earn a fair living, steal all orders, leads and emails
Can anyone explain the logic of these powerful greedy anonymous cowardly government officials in wasting indian tax payer money to keep hardworking harmless civilians idle, ensuring that they do not earn a fair living. Do these powerful cowardly frauds in India have the courage to face the innocent woman engineer who they ruthlessly and shamelessly exploited for inexperienced mediocre greedy cunning sluts and cheaters? An open challenge !@

Leads of small business owners

For any business to survive it needs leads, orders and customers. This small business owner, has had her retirement savings of twenty years stolen by crooked cowardly fraud government officials in India without a legal reason or court order. These officials are the greatest frauds in the world get a government salary, extremely shameless, yet want to keep the hard earned money of a single woman engineer without a valid reason.
Not satisfied with stealing the money of a harmless innocent single woman, these fraud officials in the indian internet sector, who have discriminated against the woman, refusing to provide information , are now stealing her leads, orders, closing her account and blocking payment . These fraud cowards will never have the courage to face the single woman they have ruthlessly expploited, cheated, harassed, yet waste infinite tax payer money and expensive government equipment to cover up their great fraud.

Any option available to prevent the theft of leads of a small business owner will be greatly appreciated.