Living in Singapore is Way Different Than It is Here

Singapore is an island directly off the coast of Malaysia. It became a self-governing city-state a few decades ago. It used to be controlled by the British. It even has its own military that happens to be one of the most technologically advanced ones in the world. What really got my attention is that the temperature hovers around the 80s year round, and January is the warmest month! Can you imagine escaping a northeast winter in the US to a home in Singapore? There are lots of places that are super nice to live in found at

The condos you can buy there are top-notch. The places have all the amenities you could ever want in a place to live and so much more. Continue reading Living in Singapore is Way Different Than It is Here

Everyone is Trying the to Beat the Challenge

My kids are always talking about how there is nothing to do, even when they are surrounded by so much technology. They have their own smart phones, yet they find all of the apps boring. This gave me an idea to make an app of my own that would not only be fun for my kids, but give them a challenge that they would never be able to beat. I made up a plan for my app and submitted it to Massive Infinity for production. They expanded upon my idea and developed the app into a testing phase. I was the only one who knew how to beat the app because I came up with the concept.

As time passed, the app became more fleshed out until it was finally done. I downloaded the app onto my kids phones and told them to give it a try. They couldn’t figure out how to beat the challenge and instead of just giving up and complaining about being bored, they tried to complete it for hours. I had to pry the phones from their hands because they were so caught up in trying to beat it. Continue reading Everyone is Trying the to Beat the Challenge

Statistics of wordpress blog installation

Since no advertising is being sold on domain names, wordpress blogs are being installed for research to calculate the number of wordpress blogs used for the same purpose. The wordpress blogs are numbered serially
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Next blog only added in February 2017, due to deindexation and NTRO harassment , no 72329
Approximately 8 months, 17000 blogs added, 2125 blogs added monthly on an average
Daily 70-80 blogs added to the network
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The Amazing Architecture of the Island of Singapore

There are two new buildings being planned for residential and limited commercial use in Singapore. It is another investment opportunity. The Seaside Residences in Singapore are going to be in District 15 at Siglap Link. There are going to be 845 units that include two commercial spaces. A view of the ocean will make these properties sell fast. The legal completion date is to be in 2024, so you know you want to get in on a project like this early as the units will be claimed through applications fast. Continue reading The Amazing Architecture of the Island of Singapore

Selling Copper for the Best Price

When my son asked me how much is copper a pound, I had no idea why he was asking me. I knew that it was a legitimate question coming from him, but I was still curious. He explained that he had some friends who were wanting to sell some copper, so he told them he would see if he could find out the price. He came to me because I used to collect aluminum cans and take them to a local scrap dealer about twice a year to sell them.

I had never sold copper though, so I had no idea how much his friends would get for what they had. I guess it was a substantial amount, and I urged him to make sure that it was legitimately their copper. He has good friends, but I also knew that copper thefts have been on the rise in the last few years because they can net quite a bit of money at scrap dealers. Continue reading Selling Copper for the Best Price