Everyone is Trying the to Beat the Challenge

My kids are always talking about how there is nothing to do, even when they are surrounded by so much technology. They have their own smart phones, yet they find all of the apps boring. This gave me an idea to make an app of my own that would not only be fun for my kids, but give them a challenge that they would never be able to beat. I made up a plan for my app and submitted it to Massive Infinity for production. They expanded upon my idea and developed the app into a testing phase. I was the only one who knew how to beat the app because I came up with the concept.

As time passed, the app became more fleshed out until it was finally done. I downloaded the app onto my kids phones and told them to give it a try. They couldn’t figure out how to beat the challenge and instead of just giving up and complaining about being bored, they tried to complete it for hours. I had to pry the phones from their hands because they were so caught up in trying to beat it. Even when it was time for them to go to bed, they were sneaking in play sessions to beat the app.

My kids were one of the best marketing options I could ever hope for, because they told their friends about the app and now everyone at the school has it on their phone. The kids can’t play it while they’re in class, but when they have free time during lunch, they all try to beat the app. All of the people at the school have told their friends and family in other places, and they’re working to beat the app too, but I don’t think they will beat it for a long time.