Greedy lazy Goan GSB conwoman riddhi

Internet users and webmasters in India should be aware of the notorious lazy greedy goan GSB fraud riddhi who involved in a major IMPERSONATION Fraud .

GSB fraud riddhi
Allegedly google, tata,paypal are promoting the shameless goodlooking lazy greedy goan GSB Fraud riddhi whose powerful fraud friends falsely claim that the Goan cheater riddhi was their Btech 1993 classmare to get the mediocre lazy GSB FRAUD a lucrative job in R&AW .
The shameles fraud GSB family and friends of the lazy greedy GOAN GSB FRAUD riddhi specialize in character assasination and human rights abuses on the harmless brilliant obc engineer, who actually has the Btech EE 1993 degree which the lazy greedy Goan conwoman GSB riddhi falsely claims to have.
Like the goan obc slut sunaina , brahmin cheater nayanshre hathwar, the goan gsb fraud riddhi will make Indrani mukherjea appear to be a saint, due to the shameless cruel way the greedy lazy cheater GOAN GSB riddhi falsely claims to be a Paypal account holder, domain investor and experienced engineer,

Why does the pampered lazy greedy goan gsb fraud riddhi not invest some time , money and start her own business, paypal account instead of falsely claiming to own the assets, Paypal account of a brillaint obc engineer she is impersonating like a section 420 cheater? can the powerful companies and officials promoting the lazy greedy gsb fraud answer the question honestly.
If anyone has any information on the actual academic qualifications, work experience of the lazy greedy goan cheater gsb fraud riddhi , it will be appreciated as the brilliant obc engineer, a victim of resume theft finds that she is being denied her fundamental right.

Goa’s Indrani – the ruthless fraud siddhi mandrekar

Unlike the national media, the goan newspapers have not given much coverage to the sheena bora murder, indrani mukherjea case, because the top officials in goa know that the level of fraud, betrayal and deceit in Goa in some cases like goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar are much higher than in Mumbai and the sheena bora case. Usually young people are more innocent and honest, yet in her early twenties, the frauds and lies siddhi mandrekar has been involved in, would make indrani mukherjea appear to be a saint.

GSB fraud siddhi corporate espionage

Not satisfied with commiting corporate espionage on the brilliant harmless obc engineer who made the mistake of trusting her to steal data daily, the vicious cruel siddhi mandrekar, with the help of her powerful associates and family have worked systematically to destroy the life, finances and reputation of the obc engineer. Like indrani mukherjea, the lazy liar and fraud siddhi mandrekar has got a long list of powerful boyfriends who have no qualms abusing their powers to make their darling siddhi rich and powerful overnigh

The shameless fraud powerful relatives, friends and siddhi are falsely claiming that the mediocre lazy greedy goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar is a paypal account holder, domain investor and experienced webmaster to give her great powers, allegedly including a job in R&AW, when she has not spent a single paisa on domain names, does not control the bank account related to the Paypal account and has not managed a single website. Due to the lack of transparency in indian intelligence and security agencies, it is difficult for the engineer to get justice.

These powerful cowardly dishonest men and the fraud siddhi are viciously defaming the obc engineer, Paypal account holder , domain investor, wasting tax payer money, to make it difficult to get any customers or even friends locally. The few customers in India who will pay the engineer will be threatened so that they stop paying in future and many customers will refuse to pay, after promising payment. Almost No lawyer in Goa will help the harmless engineer to end the sexual harassment, cheating and impersonation due to the slander and threats of siddhi, her powerful friends and family.

In her early twenties, the lazy greedy goan fraud siddhi has shown a complete lack of integrity, morals and humanity to become extremely powerful overnight. It would be interesting to know what kind of crimes she will be involved in when she reaches her forties, will she be as famous as Indrani mukherjea making newspaper headlines worldwide

Human rights abuses for exposing NTRO sex,cheating fraud

The brilliant obc engineer, domain investor whose impressive resume has been stolen by fraud power officials to get at least 8 lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced goan sluts offering sex bribes, obc slut bsc sunaina , gsb riddhi siddhi ,brahmin and other frauds lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW was again subjected to human rights abuses again on 28 August 2015 at 9 pm in panaji, Goa
Pyar kiya to darna kya – why not openly admit that some indian intelligence agency officials are mentally unsound and falsely claim that any woman who sleeps with them or they are infatuated with , was their Btech 1993 EE classmate to get their mediocre lazy greedy cheater girlfriends great powers, and a job allegedly in R&AW

Why attack the harmless obc engineer whose resume these cruel fraud men have stolen daily causing great pain. the list of powerful men the goan obc slut bsc sunaina has sex with be appreciated, as her powerful gang allegedly including ntro official j srinivasan, her relative pritesh are like cruel animals, to end the torture daily . Allegedly google, tata, paypal are fraudulently promoting the lazy greedy goan slut sunaina who sleeps with top officials, gsb frauds riddhi siddhi as Paypal account holders, domain investor to justify the daily torture of the real domain investor, paypal account holder.

When will the shameless fraud cruel tata, google officials in goa learn to be honest regarding the Paypal account or have the courage to face the innocent obc engineer who they are torturing daily, making up completely false stories without proof, these cruel officials are involved in crimes far worse than the sheena bora murder case

Indian webmasters, domain investors suffering from headache, pain, memory loss

Research information indicated that some indian webmasters, domain investors are used for non consensual human experiments causing daily headache, memory loss, body pain, making it difficult to lead a normal life. A domain investor who is in great pain almost daily would like to file a PIL to find the names of the officials who are attacking her daily and end the daily torture.
More details at Research Portal

Fraud Goan gsb slut siddhi falsely claims to be a domain investor

Allegedly Google, Tata, paypal are allegedly promoting the lazy fraud greedy goan gsb slut diploma holder siddhi mandrekar as a domain investor for her crime of commiting corporate espionage on the real domain investor, a brilliant obc engineer who made the mistake of trusting siddhi.

Goan gsb fraud siddhi

These dishonest companies are defaming the real domain investor, the obc engineer as having black money, though there is no proof at all to send the domain investor a income tax notice to justify the promotion of the lazy greedy goan slut siddhi. If google or tata or any officials have any proof against the innocent obc engineer who they are viciously defaming, why dont they send a tax notice to her, instead of wasting tax payer money to tell complete lies

Allegedly the goan slut siddhi sleeps with top officials in indian intelligence and security agencies who falsely claim that the goan slut was their Btech 1993 EE classmate, Paypal account holder and have allegedly got the goan slut siddhi a lucrative job in R&AW faking her resume, falsely claiming that the inexperienced cheater siddhi has the resume of the brilliant obc engineer she cheated,

The greedy lazy goan gsb slut siddhi mandrekar is not a domain investor just a GSB Goan fraud with powerful shameless liar friends who are making completely false claims. These officials and the lazy greedy gsb goan cheaters riddhi siddhi will never be able to have this post removed as it is news, telling the truth about their great fraud w . If the pampered gsb frauds were honest, they could get the post on the blog deleted for defamation

India torture diary of paypal account holder, domain investor

Daily diary of human rights abuses by the powerful fraud gang promoting goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi,bsc slut sunaina who sleeps with top officials, shivalli brahmin cheater bengaluru nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, veena, ruchika and others who falsely claim to be Paypal account holders, domain investors to get lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW. The powerful cruel animal like officials allegedly in indian intelligence agencies like CBI, R&AW, NTRO are ruthless in attacking the real Paypal account holder to cover up their sex, cheating for intelligence agency jobs, indicating that only frauds flourish in India today’
Multiple minor attack in Panaji Goa on 21 August 2015
Major attack at Alfran Plaza, Panaji, Goa, around 11 am 21 August near the stationery shop.
Caused severe headache, great pain
who was the official who initiated the attack, name, designation,
when goa mla micky pacheco went to jail for slapping an engineer which caused little pain , why is the fraud cruel official attacking the obc engineer daily allowed to remain unpunished
Why are lazy greeedy goan sluts offering sex bribes, brahmin and other cheaters considered Paypal account holders, domain investors in India are given great powers by the fraud indian intelligence agencies
Lookalike of lazy greedy goan gsb fraud riddhi, obc slut bsc sunaina who offers sex bribes to top officials and falsely claim to be Paypal account holders , whose criminal gang are involved in human rights abuse are shown, so that people are not duped by the false claims of these criminal women and their associates.

GSb fraud riddhi's gang torture harmless woman

OBC slut sunaina who offers sex bribes to top officials commiting human rights abuses

these good looking goan frauds, nayanshree, siddhi are the face of extremely cruel greedy gangs with no ethics or humanity,allegedly google, tata, paypal are promoting these lazy greedy fraud women and bribing their associates to commit human rights abuses. Why dont these lazy greedy fraud goan and other women start their own business, instead of falsely claiming to own the business of a harmless hardworking brilliant obc engineer,.

Daily criminal attack of cruel corrupt officials

Top R&AW, CBI, NTRO officials with zero personal integrity like to delude themselves that the lazy greedy Brahmin cheaters gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, obc slut sunaina, asmita patel, veena, ruchika and others are paypal account holders to justify the wastage of tax payer on these lazy greedy frauds, who are allegedly falsely claiming to own the Paypal account.
To cover up their sex, cheating for job fraud these animals in human form, are attacking the real Paypal account holder, a harmless single woman obc engineer, mercilessly causing great pain
Daily torture diary in Goa
latest attack
3.19 pm 20 August 2015
6.15 pm 20 August 2015
why are cruel corrupt frauds given so many powers handling expensive powerful weapons, when these cruel human animals will not be able to justify their atrocities in an open debate and hide in government offices
Who are these criminal cowards, what is their name and designation
Are they being bribed by Google, Tata,Paypal to waste tax payer money to attack a harmless civilian? What is their going rate for a single attack

Cruel Officials involved in a murder attempt on 19 August 2015

The cruel gang including pritesh, J allegedly promoting inexperienced goan obc slut 2013 bsc sunaina who offers sex bribes to top officials, as a Btech 1993 EE degree holder, to allegedly get a lucrative job in R&AW, launched a murder attempt on the brilliant obc engineer whose resume the mediocre lazy greedy goan slut bsc sunaina falsely claims to have. The latest murderous attack using invisible directed energy weapons was reported at around 8 pm on 19 August 2015 forcing the engineer to stop working

Allegedly Google, Tata, Paypal and other companies are bribing powerful intelligence and security agency to abuse their powers and waste the most sophisticated equipment to torture the brilliant engineer for the sake of the bsc slut who they falsely claim is a domain investor, Paypal account holder when her great achievement in life allegedly remains offering sex bribes to top officials and seducing the powerful NTRO official J srinivasan to falsely claim that the 2013 bsc sunaina was his Btech 1993 EE classmate

How much more tax payer money will be wasted to promote the obc slut sunaina as an experienced engineer, webmaster, domain investor and Paypal account holder. Why has it become so difficult for the brilliant obc engineer to prevent the daily attack of the cruel J, pritesh and others causing great pain, to cover up their great sex, cheating for job fraud. Anyone who can help end the atrocities, kindly contact.

In Goa, the government claims to want to encourage the IT sector, yet an experienced webmaster is viciously defamed as a fool, subjected to murder attempts daily as the cruel fraud officials in intelligence and security agency allegedly bribed by Google, tata, paypal falsely claim that her websites, Paypal account belongs to the lazy greedy obc slut bsc sunaina who offers sex bribes, gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, shivalli brahmin bengaluru cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, veena, ruchika and others.
lookalike of the obc bsc slut sunaina, gsb fraud riddhi whose cruel fraud relatives and friends are allegedly behind the daily murder attempts, torture using sophisticated invisible directed weapons . Photos of lookalikes of other frauds, allegedly rewarded with R&AW jobs, available at

obc slut sunaina

GSB fraud riddhi

Will any It company want to start a business in Goa to be subjected to daily torture and murder attempt causing great pain? A challenge to these officials attacking to prove that any of these fraud women are the Paypal account holder, domain investor or webmasters. Worldwide investors work from home, why is the experienced webmaster and engineer tortured for using the internet and internet at home,
The brilliant hardworking experienced obc engineer, domain investor has been told that she is subjected to a cruel human experiment about which information will not be provided using conventional methods like RTI

NTRO, cruel animal Pritesh, J srinivasan continue their torture to cover up sex scam

The shameless greedy animal like cruel NTRO officials allegedly continue to promote well connected brahmin and other frauds, obc slut sunaina as Paypal account holders and torture the brilliant obc engineer, Paypal account holder whose impressive resume was stolen to get the mediocre lazy greedy frauds and call girls lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW . These cruel animals being paid with indian tax payer continue to mercilessly torture the harmless brilliant obc engineer, the latest episode reported in St Inez, Panaji, Goa at around 4.15 pm 18 August 2015 with invisible directed energy weapons causing great pain.
again at 7.40 pm on 18 august 2015 causing pain
Will these animals in human form have the courage to face the harmless woman they attacking openly?
Can they justify their crime on a harmless woman in an open debate?
She has to leave her work incomplete repeatedly to avoid the pain, cannot work in the day and night, because of the atrocities of animals in human form.

Human rights abuses on 15 august 2015

Torture attempt on obc engineer reported in St inez, panaji, Goa on independence day as powerful officials cover up their sex, cheating fraud
11.01 am neck pain
1.55 pm headache – extremely severe
4.30 pm headache
Forced to leave the area