Ministry of Finance, Department of Financial services officials misguided?

The single woman obc engineer whose documents were systematically stolen while travelling after attacking her with directed energy weapons to destroy her memory, had informed some of the banks of the theft soon afterwards. The bank had confirmed that they had received the notification and had issued a duplicate pass book in August 2012, and had debited her account for the same. The bank records will also indicate the same . A letter was also sent to the police station to inform them that the documents were missing,

Since then she has wasted a huge amount of time and money trying to trace her hard earned money. Yet when she contacted the Ministry of Women and Child development using an RTI MOWCD/R/2015/60013 dated 13.01.2015, Lopamudra Mohanty Director & CPIO, trying to trace her retirement savings, she transfered the request to the CPIO, Ministry of Finance.

In May 2015 , the engineer received a reply from Mritunjay Singh CPIO & Undersecretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Email, that the theft of the documents was hypothetical when actually the engineer does not have access to the documents, The request for duplicate documents is proof that the documents are no longer available. She has also wasted a large amount hiring a detective DSP bureau, Chembur, Mumbai and sent a notification to the police station.

The engineer was told to file a RTI appeal with Ms Anna Roy, Director vigilance, Ministry of Finance, When the engineer sent the required information , offering proof that the documents had been stolen to Anna Roy , Mihir Kumar, Director vigilance has also dismissed the valid request for information as hypothetical on 12.6.2015.

On what basis, does the Ministry of Finance, Department of Financial services, dismiss the valid request of the single woman engineer whose retirement savings have been stolen, as hypothetical? Do they claim that the stolen documents belong to some other woman? Who is the woman who the ministry of finance claims to own the financial documents, what is her PAN number, age,residential address,educational qualification, work experience?

The engineer is also aware that allegedly, some of her Btech 1993 EE classmates from ****, working in indian intelligence agencies, who hate her, are falsely claiming that their mediocre lazy greedy cheater friends have her resume, to get them lucrative government jobs at her expense. On forums and elsewhere it has been reported that these women have been rewarded with top positions for sleeping with top officials or cheating her. Earlier these classmates who were jealous of her had made defamatory allegations without proof to put her under surveillance and sexually harass her. She is also aware that a senior R&AW official was falsely claiming to own all her assets though he never interacted with her.

How can the woman engineer find out the name of the officials who Mr Mritunjay Singh has relied on in dismissing the claim as hypothetical. Did he rely on intelligence agency officials for making the false statement or are bribes offered to dismiss RTI claims ? Does anyone know how the Ministry of Finance, department of financial services handles RTI requests? Any information will be greatly appreciated,

Guruprasad hathwar friends list

Allegedly guruprasad hathwar has manipulated the system to get his wife, the mediocre bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar a lucrative government job with salary and pension for the rest of her life as reward for cheating a single woman obc engineer of her hard earned money
A list of his friends are
Amitakhya Phukan

Shyam Prasad
Manipal Institute of Technology

Suthi Kumar
CDAC, Bangalore

Srinivas Kodancha Gujjadi
Quality Associate at SAP Labs India

Varun Nandan Das
Modern Public School, Deoghar

Manav Bali
New Delhi, India

Srinagesh Kodancha
Senior Software Engineer at Accenture

Sachin Narayanan

Abhishek Bansal
Works at Tata Power SED

Rajesh Aravapalli
Platform Architect at Jeeves Information Systems AB

Praveen Reddy V
Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College

Dnyanesh Pawar
Project Manager at Snowtint

Ritesh Gupta
CDAC, Bangalore

Abhishek Agrawal
Proprietor at Glass Concepts

Saurabh Thakkur
Bangalore, India

Jagdeep Kumar

Navaneet Kumar
Technical Lead at HCL Technologies

Sunil Prasad
Works at Optimation

Anshu Sharma

Though nayanshree and guruprasad hathwar have ruthlessly exploited a single woman engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh to build a new house in bengaluru, they have got no social censure for looting a single woman of her hard earned money an indication of the rot in indian society today. After pocketing the hard earned money of the single woman, the greedy ungrateful couple refuse to reply. Anyone who can make them reply will be acknowledged.

Notification deleted – Cybercrime at Wikinut

Though the number of indian internet users has increased officially there are few large indian websites because experienced webmasters in India are subjected to cybercrime repeatedly by top officials bribed by large corporates in the indian internet sector. These greedy corrupt officials remain unpunished and are free to cause havoc wasting tax payer money for personal gain, while the victim finds it extremely difficult to get justice. The latest cybercrime at wikinut is an indication of the how dishonest and petty these powerful officials are.

Large internet companies or officials have been commiting corporate espionage on a harmless innocent webmaster for more than 5 years, stealing and deleting her emails giving fake excuses of national security. These officials and their associates are extremely dishonest and petty, however they do not realize that sometimes they will leave proof of their fraud. It appears that the gang hiding behind the bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar or obc cheater goan call girls sunaina,siddhi mandrekar, both of whom are allegedly supported by Google, Tata, and Paypal.

For example the webmaster/writer received a comment on an article published at Wikinut and usually an email notification will be sent to the writer. In this case the email notification was not received. Wikinut also has a messages section where messages are stored online. The message was also deleted there. However the well protected cybercriminals of India working in indian intelligence agencies do not realize that they sometimes leave proof of their crime in their dishonest attempt at causing financial losses to the writer.

In Wikinut on 25 June 2015, someone commented on one of the articles published on Wikinut, the points were incremented, yet all notification was deleted indicating that an attempt has been made to ensure that no one can communicate with the writer using Wikinut, even posting a comment.Though they could delete the comment notification and message, the point increase could not be reversed. The same problem was observed for another writing website in India where a friends request was deleted by the same cybercriminal gang.

Why has so much time and money been wasted to isolate a harmless civilian in India out of hatred and greed? What is the name of those involved in these cybercrimes? Will wikinut be able to trace when the comment was deleted from the message box at wikinut, the IP address of the cybercriminal so that legal action can be taken? Has any another member of wikinut faced a similar problem? Please share

How hiring freelancers destroyed the life of an innocent person

The vicious cycle which destroyed the life of an engineer started when work was given to the freelancers by the webmaster. A powerful official falsely claimed that all the work was done by the friends and relatives of powerful officials when actually these women and men were doing very little work, The official then decided that the identity of the webmaster could be sold as she was not doing anything. So he stole the retirement savings of the webmaster abusing the great powers he had and started blackmailing her to agree to identity theft.

Long after she stopped paying the friends and relatives of these officials,the official continued to falsely claim that his lazy greedy friends and relatives were doing all the work, when they were actually not doing anything at all. he wasted a huge amount of tax payer money to put her under surveillance so that all activities could be monitored and he could falsely claim to know her well.

He also defamed the webmaster as doing no work at all, to ruin her reputation socially and professionally, to encourage people to attack her daily saying that she was an unemployed lazy person causing great pain, destroying her health and memory, making it impossible to lead a normal life. Before the powerful official interfered in her life and ruined it, she was very happy and lead a normal life. When will the greedy cunning official stop his lies or at least when will people will stop believing his false stories

The hypocrisy of Indian corporate world

In India harmless innocent small business owners and professionals face endless harassment even if they earn very little, falsely claiming that they have black money and are a security threat. On the other hand, employees who earn far more than the small business owner are never questioned or under surveillance, whatever their mistake, because they have the support of the large company where they are being employed

For example if an online exporter and engineer will withdraw Rs 10000-rs 11000 monthly for daily expenses like food, travel and hobbies, top officials in India bribed by large corporate will falsely accuse the person of black money, money laundering and waste tax payer money for more than 5 years to track every expense, to find non existent proof to support their false and extremely defamatory allegations. These officials will also threaten to freeze all the bank accounts of the exporter

On the other hand, top executives from some India’s largest companies will spend Rs 11000 in just one evening having drinks and no one will question them . They are free to drive their expensive vehicle with alchohol limit far above the permissible limit, causing accidents repeatedly. The recent accident caused by Janhavi Gadkar, Vice President Legal Affairs, Reliance after spending more than Rs 10000 at Hotel Marine Plaza and Irish Pub in Mumbai is not an isolated incident, there are other employees of large companies who have been involved in accidents late at night after partying.

If a small business owner will work hard to save Rs 30-40 lakh for her old age, the security/intelligence agency officials will steal the savings falsely claiming that it will be misused for terrorism or be a security threat, without even a court order. Filing an RTI to retrieve the hard earned money will also not help On the other hand if a employee of a large company will purchase a vehicle like the Audi Q3 which will cost Rs 30-40 lakh, and will cause accidents no one will say anything, many top executives have similar expensive vehicles and face no harassment

Why are professionals and small business owners second class citizens in India today, falsely accused without proof, with no right to their hard earned money, while employees of large companies with an excellent salary, can do whatever they feel like, drink and drive without being questioned

List of R&AW employees with surname Hathwar

A single woman engineer whose retirement savings, correspondence have been stolen by officials without a court order, and has been cheated of more than Rs 1.1 lakh by the BBM shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, has been told that she has been cheated by a person named Hathwar. After looting the single woman obc engineer, nayanshree whose husband guruprasad, was working in Tata Power special electronics division has refused to reply. Bangalore cybercrime has not taken any action against the brahmin fraud nayanshree despite providing all proof due to casteism in India.

Allegedly a powerful official P who was infatuated with the shivalli brahmin cheater BBM nayanshree hathwar, has falsely claimed that she was his Btech 1993 electrical engineering classmate, a domain investor and webmaster to get the cheater nayanshree a permanent government job allegedly in R&AW,

Hence would like to know the name of the R&AW employees with surname Hathwar, so that the engineer who has been cheated can end the fraud and recover her hard earned money from Nayanshree. The help of any past or present R&AW employee will be appreciated.