How hiring freelancers destroyed the life of an innocent person

The vicious cycle which destroyed the life of an engineer started when work was given to the freelancers by the webmaster. A powerful official falsely claimed that all the work was done by the friends and relatives of powerful officials when actually these women and men were doing very little work, The official then decided that the identity of the webmaster could be sold as she was not doing anything. So he stole the retirement savings of the webmaster abusing the great powers he had and started blackmailing her to agree to identity theft.

Long after she stopped paying the friends and relatives of these officials,the official continued to falsely claim that his lazy greedy friends and relatives were doing all the work, when they were actually not doing anything at all. he wasted a huge amount of tax payer money to put her under surveillance so that all activities could be monitored and he could falsely claim to know her well.

He also defamed the webmaster as doing no work at all, to ruin her reputation socially and professionally, to encourage people to attack her daily saying that she was an unemployed lazy person causing great pain, destroying her health and memory, making it impossible to lead a normal life. Before the powerful official interfered in her life and ruined it, she was very happy and lead a normal life. When will the greedy cunning official stop his lies or at least when will people will stop believing his false stories