Other indians agree that R&AW/cbi employees are “very greedy for money”

The domain investor has been mainly complaining because the indian government, tech and internet companies are CHEATING, EXPLOITING, ROBBING her to the maximum extent possible to make high status frauds extremely rich and powerful, getting them raw/cbi jobs faking bank account, domain ownership, resume since 2010, after criminally defaming her
These google, tata sponsored lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees like greedy gujju stock broker amita patel are being extensively promoted by google, tata as being role models, very honest, when actually are extremely shameless greedy frauds
The intelligence and security agencies are dismissing all the complaints of the domain investor, a single woman engineer who they have CHEATED, EXPLOITED as spam, questioning her mental health, when others are also having the same opinion of the extremely greedy google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees
For example in a review of google, tata’s favorite domain fraudster greedy gujju stock broker amita patel who is being marketed as a philanthropist, on Quora, Abhishek G who spent money on the course, commented that she is’very greedy for money’
This is true of all the 15 google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees like tata power employee nayanshree, riddhi nayak caro, naina chand, indore robber deepika, sunaina chodan, ruchika kinge who not spending any money on domains, are falsely claiming to own the domains including this one, bank account of the domain investor, they are all “very greedy for money”
Google reviews of amita patel also confirm that she is ‘very greedy for money’ she will cheat people if she feels that she can get away with it
If other raw/cbi employees were selling any product or service like amita patel, the domain investor is confident that they will also get similar reviews, since they are always cheating, exploiting others

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Another Sex for government job scam

A powerful official J was infatuated with a young bsc sunaina and falsely claimed that she was his engineering college classmate, experienced webmaster, engineer, online exporter and domain investor to appoint her to an important government job at the expense of his real engineering college classmate who has got nothing . As the mediocre inexperienced lazy sunaina has got the job only because the powerful J was infatuated with her and willing to give fake references, she allegedly will do anything he will tell her to, including sleeping with powerful officials which may help boost his career.
Now though his real engineering college classmate, a single woman engineer has been protesting loudly, the powerful shameless J refused to acknowledge or correct his mistake, and would like to continue exploiting his vulnerable classmate indefinitely wasting indian tax payer money.
He also falsely claimed that the lazy greedy sunaina was the domain investor when actually she did not spend a single paisa on the domain name to appoint her to an important government job. Hence the blog has controversial content to expose the fact that these lazy good looking women do not control the websites.
The webmaster finds that almost all her payment has been blocked, account closed without a valid reason , the latest being Indiblogger as the powerful J tried to cover up the scam, trying to force his experienced hardworking classmate to play second fiddle to his lazy call girl friend sunaina .

Now every paisa matters, resemblance to any character will be purely coincidental and stories have been carried for market research,as sex and government jobs are the most searched terms online in India

Sex for government job scam

This blog has been created because of a major sex for government job scam in the indian internet sector . Powerful officials wanted to humiliate an experienced webmaster, domain investor so they allegedly had a young greedy lazy cunning diploma holder siddhi from goa commit corporate espionage on her , Allegedly the slut siddhi was willing to sleep with all the powerful officials in the indian internet sector, so these powerful officials who can conveniently remain anonymous and are not accountable falsely claimed that the slut siddhi was their engineering college classmate, an experienced webmaster, domain investor, to appoint the cheater to an important government job. In reality the fraud sidddhi when she was only a diploma holder with no experience in managing websites or had investment online. However, she came from a very powerful family of blackmailers who specialized in defaming innocent single vulnerable women without proof, to get great powers for their mediocre inexperienced fraud relatives and friends like siddhi at the expense of hardworking competent experienced webmasters, e

Today the webmaster who has been cheated by the cunning fraud siddhi ,instead of getting justice, finds that all her correspondence has been diverted through the fraud siddhi who steals leads, orders and emails according to her convenience, This contact form was developed so that at least a few customers could contact the webmaster, yet not a single customer has contacted till date, due to the theft of orders, leads by the cunning cheater call girl siddhi,
It has become very difficult for the victim of the cunning greedy scammer siddhi to earn enough money to cover the website expenses, Even earning $1 online has become very difficult due to the wastage of infinite indian tax payer money to harass and sabotage a non brahmin honest hardworking webmaster and engineer, who was scammed by the greedy cunning fraud siddhi

An open challenge to goa’s cunning greedy fraud siddhi, her powerful friends and relatives, to openly justify why she deserved the fake references of experience for getting the permanent governmemnt job, why she should not be punished for her crime of corporate espionage , of cheating a vulnerable single woman who made the mistake of trusting her

Reservation for cheater shivalli brahmins

Like the fraud siddhi described earlier, nayanshree  is another cheater brahmin who has got a lucrative government job for fraud at the expense of a non brahmin honest hardworking webmaster and engineer as reward for cheating her of more than Rs 1.1 lakh .
Shivalli brahmin nayanshree , wife of guruprasad, came from a very powerful family of blackmailers who specialized in defaming innocent single vulnerable women without proof, to get great powers for their mediocre inexperienced fraud relatives and friends like nayanshree at the expense of hardworking competent experienced webmasters.
The hathwars claim to be very honorable and respectable, have a high status in indian society, yet they conveniently have refused to answer any mails from the single woman engineer after cheating her. Bangalore cybercrime has also refused to take action against nayanshree

The webmaster finds that not only has the shivalli brahmin nayanshree cheated her of her hard earned money, she has also been denied information and opportunities which she deserved, as the mostly brahmin officials in the indian internet sector are falsely claiming that the mediocre cheater nayashree has the experience, qualification, investment, skills of the vulnerable single woman engineer she and her associates ruthlessly scammed.

Now it has become very difficult for the experienced webmaster cheated by nayanshree to earn any money online, as her payment will be blocked on a majority of the websites, and opportunities are stolen from her by the mediocre cunning fraud nayanshree hathwar. Hence any opportunity to earn even a dollar to cover website expenses will be appreciated

Leads of small business owners

For any business to survive it needs leads, orders and customers. This small business owner, has had her retirement savings of twenty years stolen by crooked cowardly fraud government officials in India without a legal reason or court order. These officials are the greatest frauds in the world get a government salary, extremely shameless, yet want to keep the hard earned money of a single woman engineer without a valid reason.
Not satisfied with stealing the money of a harmless innocent single woman, these fraud officials in the indian internet sector, who have discriminated against the woman, refusing to provide information , are now stealing her leads, orders, closing her account and blocking payment . These fraud cowards will never have the courage to face the single woman they have ruthlessly expploited, cheated, harassed, yet waste infinite tax payer money and expensive government equipment to cover up their great fraud.

Any option available to prevent the theft of leads of a small business owner will be greatly appreciated.