Google, Tata allegedly encouraging laziness and lies online

Allegedly Google, Tata have allegedly developed a unique way of encouraging laziness and lies in the indian internet sector. It has instigated/bribed powerful officials to falsely claim that all the work for an online export business was done by call girls like cheater siddhi mandrekar, obc call girl sunaina who sleep with them or brahmin cheaters nayanshree hathwar, riddhi who these officials are infatuated with.
These women actually do no work, yet get credit, great powers and a lucrative government job, salary, pension for the rest of their lives for doing nothing except bribing officials with free sex.These officials have sophisticated equipment for monitoring any laptop in the country, falsely claiming national security and then claim that the work was done by their lazy greedy call girl and cheater friends .
When these lazy greedy well connected women especially vvip call girl siddhi mandrekar who has commited corporate espionage on the exporter,sunaina know that the powerful officials infatuated with them , will abuse their powers to give them credit without doing anything, why should they work?
Why are the powerful officials in the indian internet sector behaving so cheaply dishonestly encouraging laziness in greedy young women, giving them credit for the export revenues, when they do nothing online and defame the real exporter in the most vicious manner imaginable

Mediocre Brahmin nayanshree rewarded for cheating obc engineer

Due to open casteism in the indian internet sector the shivalli brahmin cheater bangalore housewife nayanshree, a mediocre BBM from Bhandarkar college of arts and science, kundapura, udupi,south kanara, karnataka has been allegedly rewarded with a lucrative job in RAW for cheating a obc single woman engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh. The mainly brahmin classmates of the obc engineer, webmaster and domain investor in a top engineering college,. hate the obc engineer,are allegedly been bribed by google, tata, paypal and others and have falsely claimed that the brahmin cheater nayanshree, was their engineering college classmate to get her the lucrative RAW job at the expense of the experienced obc engineer.
In reality, mediocre nayanshree , the wife of tata power special electronics division employee, guruprasad has no engineering degree or experience, yet due to the complete lack of morals of top officials and engineers , she will enjoy great powers and privileges for cheating an innocent obc engineer for the rest of her life.
Due to casteism in india, bangalore cybercrime has refused to take action against the vvip brahmin fraud nayanshre for cheating an obc engineer, and fraud shameless officials give the lazy greedy fraud nayanshree credit for the revenues of the obc engineer she ruthlessly cheated , hence exposing the crooked RAW agent nayanshree so that others are not duped.

Why do obc investors and engineers have no fundamental rights in india?

India remains a democracy only in name, the powerful fraud officials allegedly working in RAW and security agencies are ruthless in denying obc engineers and investors their fundamental right without a court order or any proof, These shameless officials will steal the impressive resume of the obc engineer for goan call girls diploma holder cheater siddhi mandrekar, obc call girl bsc sunaina, shivalli brahmin bangalore cheater housewife BBM nayanshree hathwar,wife of guruprasad, brahmin riddhi and othe mediocre women to get these frauds lucrative RAW jobs and then deny the obc engineer her fundamental right

These officials have already stolen her retirement savings of twenty years without proof in a cheap attempt to blackmail the obc engineer and investor to give up her impressive resume for the mediocre lazy greedy goan call girls and brahmin cheaters. Even after 5 years these shameless fraud officials have not been able to provide any proof, yet the denial of fundamental rights continues

Allegedly these cunning fraud officials are bribed by google, tata, paypal to steal the resume of the obc engineer for mediocre lazy greedy obc and other call girls, cheaters deny her fundamental right to privacy, earning a living, diverting even her correspondence to the vvip call girls and brahmin cheaters

An open challenge to any intelligence agency official in RAW, CBI, military intelligence or indian intelligence agencies, who have harassed,cheated and exploited the harmless innocent obc engineer, investor for more than 5 years to prove that pampered mediocre vvip frauds mentioned above are experienced engineers or domain investors to justify the great powers these frauds have been given

Official reservation for call girls needed

The government should officially declare that important posts in the indian internet sector are reserved for call girls who provide free sex to the top officials in the indian internet sector,
Unofficially it appears that the policy of call girl reservation has already been implemented, with goan call girls diploma holder siddhi mandrekar and bsc sunaina already appointed to important governmemt jobs in the indian internet sector who have stolen the resume of an experienced obc domain investor, webmaster, engineer and exporter.
There is no connection of these lazy greedy inexperienced mediocre women to the internet except that these women provide FREE SEX to the top officials in the indian internet sector, who hate an experienced obc engineer, webmaster and domain investor. These shameless fraud officials have stolen her resume for their darling call girls and got these call girls lucrative governmemt jobs.
Being extremely arrogant and shameless, these officials are not willing to admit their mistake, and the call girls siddhi mandrekar, sunaina are likely to continue to hold their job with stolen resumes for the rest of their lives,
Hence the governmemt should officially declare that a large number of jobs in the indian internet sector are exclusively reserved for call girls, so that other call girls interested in getting a very lucrative job online can also apply.
Right now only specific girlfriends and relatives of officials are aware of the reservation for call girls, they should publish the job opening in employment news, all other newspapers, media outlet, online and offline
When the policy of reservation for call girls will be officially declared, at least experienced webmasters, domain investors will not be disappointed as they know that they are not eligible for the job of providing free sex to top officials, and that theft of their resume for call girls is a standard practice for the indian internet sector

Most indian VVips are ruthless greedy frauds

In order to ensure that India remains one of the most corrupt and poorest countries in the world, allegedly top officials in intelligence agencies like RAW, CBI have ensured that only known frauds will be made vvips as reward for cheating, lies and lack of morals, humanity. This trend has been observed in the Indian internet sector, when a brilliant obc engineer, webmaster, domain investor has found that all the mediocre lazy greedy frauds who cheated, betrayed, exploited and defamed her have been made VVIPs stealing her impressive resume to get government jobs.
When the role models in Indian society are known cheaters and liars with no morals, they will naturally ensure that only cheaters flourish in India to ensure that india continues to be world famous for the extremely high levels of corruption.
Take the case of vvip goan call girls diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina who are known liars and cheaters, having commited corporate espionage on a brilliant obc engineer and exporter and whose powerful lovers have stolen the resume of an obc engineer for these call girls to appoint them to governmemt jobs
Shivalli brahmin bangalore houswife nayanshree hathwar with a BMM degree is another known cheater who looted the obc engineer, yet fraud officials have stolen the impressive resume of the obc engineer for the mediocre fraud nayanshree to appoint her to important governmemt jobs due to open casteism .
The greedy lazy good looking brahmin liar riddhi has been made a vvip because her cunning shameless fraud relatives and friends have viciously defamed the harmless innocent obc engineer, and falsely claim that she is doing all the export work, when she does nothing , to get the greedy lazy riddhi a lucrative government job.
None of these mediocre fraud lazy women have achieved anything on their own except acting as call girls, cheaters and liars, yet have been made vvips due to extremely warped value systems of the most powerful officials in the country, who ruthlessly steal the impressive resume of brilliant obc engineers for mediocre lazy greedy fraud call girls, friends and relatives,

Rewarding blackmailers and extortionists for defaming obc engineer

Fraud officials in the indian internet sector have developed a very cheap and cunning way of ruining the reputation of an obc engineer, They will stalk, terrify, discriminate against and then steal the retirement savings of the obc engineer abusing their powers, without a court order.

Then they will reward every person who will make false accusations without proof, against the innocent obc engineer with her hard earned money, without the permission of the obc engineer. They will advertise their reward program for defaming the innocent obc engineer all over India, to encourage everyone to make false accusations to earn some quick money,
When a large number of people have received rewards for making false accusations without proof, they will use these false accusations for justifying the denial of fundamental rights to the innocent harmless obc engineer, diverting her correspondence, emails, smses.

These officials can coveniently remain anonymous, falsely claiming national security matters are involved, making it difficult for the obc engineer to find out the fraud officials who have been taking decisions on her behalf, without giving her a chance to defend herself. Who are these officials to take decisions regarding the innocence, hard earned money of the obc engineer, a stranger to them ?

If these officials are making wrong decisions, wasting her hard earned money on greedy frauds and blackmailers , why should the obc engineer suffer? these officials get a pension, why are they allowed to waste her retirement savings? Why has the obc engineer not been given a chance to take her own decisions, to find out who are making false accusations against her, so that she can take legal action against the blackmailers ?

True resume of VVIP Brahmin cheater nayanshree

Powerful fraud officials in the indian internet sector allegedly falsely claim that mediocre bangalore shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar is an experienced engineer from a top college, domain investor, webmaster, from a top college to get her a lucrative government job, allegedly in RAW , as reward for cheating a obc single woman engineer of her hard earned money. The following resume by nayanshree was provided to the obc woman engineer she ruthlessly cheated .

W/o Mr.K.S. Guruprasad
702/B Wing. Sri Kunthi Park CHS
Military Road, Marol, Andheri East
Mobile- 9819411044
To get placed in a company that provides adequate opportunity to explore my talents.
To be effective and efficient wherever I go and whatever I do.


Course/Degree Year of Passing Institution/University Percentage of Marks Class Obtained
S.S.L.C 1999-2000 S.V.English Medium High school, Gangolli. 66.08% First class
P.U.C (H.E.B.A) 2001-2002 S.V.Pre-University College, Gangolli. 73.33% First Class
B.B.M 2004-2005 Bhandarkar’s Arts & Science College Kundapur, Mangalore University. 70.00% First class with Distiction
Certificate course 75 hours Manipal Institute of Computer Education 80%

Participated in Small Industries Management Programme (SIMAP) at Manipal.
Worked as Graduate Trainee in Admission Office of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal from 01.02.2006 to 31.10.2006.


DATE OF BIRTH -16-04-1985
HUSBANDS NAME -Guruprasad Hathwar

Why does a brilliant harmless obc engineer, with an excellent academic record , find it difficult to get help when she is cheated of her hard earned money by the mediocre shivalli brahmin housewife nayanshree? Allegedly google, tata, paypal are rewarding the mediocre brahmin housewife for cheating the OBC engineer of her hard earned money due to the rampant CASTEISM in india.

Sister rewarded for betraying OBc engineer

The reason why OBC engineers, business owners and professionals are not very successful, especially in the media, tech sector is that anyone who will be even moderately successful will be ruthless exploited, defamed and cheated by shameless greedy powerful fraud officials wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money.
These cunning spineless officials will reward every person who will betray her with lucrative governmemt jobs, In addition to their fraud call girl friends and relatives like siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree hathwar , they will also falsely claim that the online export business was owned by her mediocre housewife sister who will backstab the obc engineer and exporter.

The mediocre sister is only a housewife who rarely used the computer, yet these shameless frauds officials in the indian internet sector will steal the resume of the oBC engineer and online exporter for the fraud sister to get the cunning housewife a lucrative government job, falsely claiming that she is an exporter,domain investor and webmaster when she does not know the abc of exporting or domain names . Why does an OBc engineer have to fight so many frauds who shamelessly steal her resume wasting indian tax payer money, defame her in the worst manner .

Why are the powerful officials so eager to defame and humiliate the brilliant obc engineer,domain investor, webmaster online exporter and reward every mediocre greedy lazy fraud who will cheat or betray her, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money in the process? Why do they stoop to the lowest level, breaking up families to destroy brilliant obc engineers

23 April 2015 human rights abuses on OBC engineer in Goa

There is no limit to human rights abuses on a harmless OBc engineer by powerful cruel officials allegedly bribed by Google, tata, paypal to cover up their their great fraud appointment of mediocre lazy greedy goan call girls cheater diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina, brahmin cheaters nayanshree hathwar, riddhi to top government jobs, faking experience, qualification with the resume cunningly stolen from the brilliant obc engineer.

Returning from a outstation trip the attack it has become immediately obvious, that no one can sleep in the place, as the cruel officials mainly greedy cruel shamless brahmin men waste infinite indian tax payer money to force the brilliant obc engineer to form a company with the lazy greedy call girls siddhi, sunaina or cheater brahmin women riddhi, bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar. These greedy cunning women do not want to do any work, rely on their cruel cowardly relatives and friends to sexually harass a single woman obc engineer for years wasting indian tax payer money.

Who are these cowardly cruel spineless men in goa who will never have the courage to OPENLY face the harmless single woman obc engineer they assault daily , hide behind lazy greedy cunning cheater good looking women, call girls, brahmins and cheaters who they want to make rich and famous overnight .

For how long will these shamless cruel cowards continue to waste Indian tax payer money to attack a harmless obc engineer to ruin her health to make their darling lazy greedy goan call girls siddhi, sunaina , brahmin cheaters nayanshree , riddhi and others rich and powerful overnight rt.

Brahmin call girl rewarded for corporate espionage on OBC woman

Though officially rules are the same for all in India, unofficially well connected brahmin women are rewarded with important government jobs for cheating OBC women. The greedy goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar commited corporate espionage on a single woman OBC engineer who made the mistake of trusting her .

Instead of being punished for her crime, the well connected cheater siddhi was allegedly helped by a fraud brahmin official to steal the resume of an OBC woman engineer and webmaster, get appointed to a lucrative government job which she would have never got on the basis of her own mediocre resume and lack of experience. because she is a cheater brahmin she has also been made a VVIP with the resume she has stolen from an experienced OBC engineer.

Today the greedy cheater goan call girl siddhi has got great powers with her stolen resume, allowed to divert and steal all the correspondence of the OBC women engineer she cheated . Not satisfied the cheater siddhi also spreads extremely defamatory rumors about the innocent obc woman engineer she and her associates brutally defamed, exploited and cheated