Murder attempt on obc engineer in Goa on 31 July 2015

To cover the Vyapam like sex, cheating for intelligence agency jobs fraud, powerful officials are ruthlessly attacking the obc engineers whose resume has been stolen for goan sluts,siddhi, sunaina, brahmin and other cheaters. On 31 July 2015, these cruel animal like officials are trying to cause a heart attack, using the most sophisticated equipment available in the country,
Heart pain has been observed for some time, forcing the engineer to move to evade these cruel murderers getting a governmemt salary in Goa, who remain invisible falsely claiming national security when they are only concerned about free sex and government jobs for their lazy greedy call girl and cheater friends . The Vyapam fraud investigating journalist Akshay singh and others in the fraud may have also been murdered using similar methods.
why is there no place for honest hardworking people in India and companies, government agencies like google, tata, paypal are allegedly promoting the lazy greedy goan sluts siddhi sunaina, brahmin cheaters riddhi, nayanshree hathwar,

More human rights abuses ,atrocities reported in Goa on 30 July 2015

Not satisfied with stealing the resume of a brilliant harmless obc engineer for goan call girls cheater siddhi mandrekar, obc bsc sunaina who sleep with them, brahmin cheaters riddhi, nayanshree hathwar and other other frauds who have allegedly got jobs in R&AW with fake resumes, the cruel fraud animal like officials allegedly bribed by google, tata, paypal are ruthless in stalking and attacking the harmless obc engineer
These cruel animals allegedly led by the fraud mentally unsound NTRO official J srinivasan infatuated with obc bsc call girl sunaina, who he falsely claims was his Btech 1993 EE classmate, will not leave the harmless brilliant obc engineer even when she will work offline, attacking her to cause great pain. Allegedly the relatives and friends of the lazy greedy cheater goan call girls are also involved in the human rights abuses .
Why has the indian government given their cruel animal officials including the lovers, friends and relatives of the the goan call girls, cheaters, the license to beat up the obc engineer everyday to cause great pain
who are the government officials goan call girls siddhi mandrekar, sunaina have sex with, riddhi, nayanshree have seduced so that these officials can falsely claim that these sluts, half their age are their Btech 1993 EE classmate, to get the goan sluts, brahmin cheaters permanent jobs allegedly in R&AW, stealing the resume of the obc engineer tortured daily.
The official list of intelligence and security agency employees who can make call girls, brahmin cheaters, experienced engineers overnight will be appreciated.

Warning about goan call girl falsely claiming to be domain investor, Paypal account holder

To see a photo of look alike of VVIP goan bsc call girl sunaina who has allegedly got a permanent job in R&AW because the fraud powerful officials sleeping with her, are falsely claiming that she owns all the websites of the real obc webmaster check Stares., Actually the mediocre lazy greedy call girl sunaina does not spend a single penny on the website or do any work, only offers free sex bribes to top officials in indian technical and security agencies who then abuse their powers to promote her as their Btech 1993 EE classmate, domain investor, webmaster and Paypal account holder .
The powerful cruel animals like lovers and relatives of goan obc call girl bsc sunaina are criminals who ruthlessly torture the brilliant harmless obc engineer, whose impressive resume the goan obc bsc slut sunaina falsely claims to have to get the lucrative job allegedly in R&AW . When cruel animals promoting the VVIP goan slut obc sunaina stop their their atrocities on a harmless woman,

Human rights abuses on OBC engineer continue on 27 July 2015 in Goa

The cruel Fraud officials promoting shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, obc call girl bsc sunaina, gsb cheaters riddhi siddhi, allegedly bribed by google, tata, paypal continue with their daily atrocities on the harmless brilliant obc engineer,whose resume they have stolen for the goan call girls, gsb and other cheaters to get these frauds permanent government jobs allegedly in R&AW.
The harmless brilliant obc engineer was again in great pain as these animal like officials attacked her out of hatred and greed with sophisticated directed energy weapons on 27 July 2015 in the morning to cause great pain including body ache, while terrorist attack freely

Riddhi Siddhi – dangerous goodlooking GSB goan frauds

Internet users in India should be aware of the good looking and well connected scammer GSB fraud duo from Goa Riddhi Siddhi. The powerful dishonest friends and relatives of the goan cheater riddhi siddhi falsely claim that these women are Paypal account holders to give these mediocre lazy greedy women permanent government jobs allegedly in R&AW at the expense of the real Paypal account holder, an obc engineer.

Additionally the real Paypal account is being attacked daily using invisible directed energy weapons to cause great pain, memory loss, body ache, and it is difficult to get help against these daily human rights abuses . Now the goan GSB fraud duo riddhi siddhi has been stealing the correspondence of the obc engineer, whose resume these cunning good looking cheaters have stolen to get lucrative jobs.
these Goud saraswat brahmins frauds riddhi siddhi are the most shameless liars in India falsely claiming to own the websites where details of their great fraud, cheating will be posted to justify the great powers these lazy greedy shameless cheater GSB women have got including allegedly jobs in R&AW.

When the lazy fraud liar GSB duo riddhi siddhi cannot operate the bank account connected to the Paypal account why are these greedy fraud women so many powers? Or mediocre lazy greedy fraud brahmins like Riddhi Siddhi have the birthright to cheat and exploit brilliant OBC engineers because their fraud relatives and friends have defamed the innocent engineers for years due to casteism

Brilliant other backward class(OBC) professionals targetted for human rights abuses in Goa

In a clear atrocities against OBC professionals, brilliant harmless single woman obc engineer has been targeted for daily human rights abuses using invisible directed energy weapons by the cruel fraud animal like indian intelligence and security agencies, allegedly bribed by Google, tata, paypal and others.
These cruel fraud officials then justify their crime against an innocent harmless woman, falsely claiming that the goan call girls who sleep with them diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, obc bsc sunaina, brahmin cheaters bengaluru housewife BBM nayanshree hathwar, gsb lead thief riddhi, veena, ruchika,asmita patel were their Btech 1993 electrical engineering classmate, when none of these lazy fraud women could get admission to the top college .
It has become very difficult for the obc engineer to do any work during the day and night due to the criminal fraud officials in Goa who are hiding in government offices, and wasting tax payer money, as they are ruthless in causing her pain. Why do indian intelligence agencies CBI, RAW allegedly treat brahmin cheaters and goan sluts as Btech 1993 engineers for section 420 fraud like BMM nayanshree , corporate espionage and having sex with fraud Btech 1993 engineers who are willing to claim that any call girl who sleeps with them is their engineering college classmate
The daily atrocities will be documented so that a log of the crimes against brilliant obc professionals. On 26 July 2015, the obc engineer was repeatedly attacked by the criminals promoting the goan call girls, brahmin and other cheaters

Did TradeIndia rely on pampered cheaters, call girls for supplier information

A brilliant obc engineer who has subjected to most terrible human abuses for more than 5 years as fraud indian intelligence and security agency officials allegedly bribed by Google, tata, paypal, have allegedly stolen her impressive resume for cheater and call girl friends of the top officials in the indian internet sector,diploma holder siddhi mandrekar,BSc sunaina, BMM brahmin bengaluru cheater housewife nayanshre hathwar,goan gsb fraud riddhi, housewife veena, mba ruchika, asmita patel, and others to get all these fraud women permanent jobs allegedly in R&AW.
To reduce the effect of the radiation used to attack her daily by these cruel fraud officials, the brilliant obc engineer was searching for a radiation shield . On 17 July 2015, the obc engineer managed to contact Nesa radiation solutions independently and also received an email, To find additional sources she posted an enquiry on Trade India, at that time Nesa Radiation solutions was not listed .

The fraud top officials in the indian internet sector are some of the greatest frauds in the world and they falsely claim that goan call girl and diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, half their age, who has commited corporate on their obc engineering college classmate and sleeps with them,, was their Btech 1993 EE classmate to give the goan cheater great powers. The goan slut siddhi, alleged pampered an rewarded by google,tata,paypal for her lies, powerful boyfriends steals data daily.

Did TradeIndia rely on the goan fraud siddhi for getting information of Nesa Radiation solutions to send emails and smses on 24 July 2015 to the brilliant obc engineer being tortured daily by the goan fraud siddhi and her associates.

On the other hand allegedly NTRO official J srinivasan infatuated with obc bsc call girl sunaina, half his age, has falsely claimed that the lazy greedy bsc sunaina was his Btech 1993 EE classmate, J allegedly bribed by Google, Tata, Paypal has been extremely ruthless in stalking and attacking his brilliant obc classmate using radiation weapons causing great pain, to cover up his frauid of stealing her resume for the goan call girl sunaina. He also has been monitoring, stealing all the emails and content from the hard disk of his classmate who he hated, so that he can falsely claim that his darling call girl sunaina is doing all the work.

Did TradeIndia rely on the goan fraud bsc sunaina and J for getting information of Nesa Radiation solutions to send emails and smses on 24 July 2015 to the brilliant obc engineer being tortured daily by the goan fraud sunaina and her associates.

Similarly the dishonest fraud intelligence agency officials are also claiming that good looking shivalli brahmin cheater housewife BBM nayanshree hathwar who cheated the obc engineer of more than Rs 1,1 lakh, and goan gsb lead thief riddhi were their Btech 1993 EE classmate to steal the resume of the obc engineer being tortured daily. The cruel cowardly men promoting these good looking cheaters have also been stealing data from the laptop of the obc engineer so that they can falsely claim that these lazy greedy cheater brahmin women are doing all the work, and also defame the hardworking brilliant obc engineer to deny her fundamental right. All the phone calls of the obc engineer are routed through these brahmin cheaters so that they can impersonate her.

Did TradeIndia rely on the brahmin frauds riddhi, nayanshree and their associates for getting information of Nesa Radiation solutions to send emails and smses on 24 July 2015 to the brilliant obc engineer being tortured daily by the brahmin frauds and their associates.

It will be difficult to find the truth, all the correspondence of the obc engineer is diverted and stolen by these call girls and cheaters by their powerful fraud friends without a court order at the instigation of corporates. The fraud powerful officials falsely claim that the goan call girls siddhi, sunaina, cheaters nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, veena, ruchika, asmita patel are online exporters and Paypal account holders to justify the great powers these call girls and cheaters have been given at the expense of the obc engineer.

In reality none of these pampered VVIP lazy greedy call girls and cheaters can even operate the bank account associated with the Paypal account as they do no work or invest money, which is actually owned by the brilliant obc engineer attacked daily by the cruel fraud officials promoting the pampered vvip cheaters and call girls

Victim of fraud NTRO officials like J srinivasan

NTRO officials like J srinivasan are allegedly falsely claiming that their lazy greedy girlfriends like goan call girl bsc obc sunaina are experienced webmasters, domain investors, engineers and Paypal account holders when these women do not spend a single paisa on domain names to get their mediocre friends lucrative jobs, allegedly in r&AW .
The brilliant obc single woman engineer who has been defamed and whose resume has been stolen for the inexperienced lazy greedy goan obc call girl bsc sunaina would like to know if any other webmasters and domain investors have been defamed in this manner, with lazy greedy cheaters like sunaina getting great powers at her expense only for having sex with top officials in the indian internet sector.
They are also stealing her correspondence making it difficult to lead a normal life, defaming her daily, Like all frauds they do not have the honesty or courage to justify their lies in an open debate.

Would like to contact other victims of these evil shameless cheater officials in Goa, Maharashtra,Karnataka especially Other webmasters, domain investor victims of these cunning NTRO, R&AW officials who have been defamed, cheated and exploited . Please send details of the fraud to for listing at Betrayal

Human rights abuses continue on July 23, 2015

It appears that the cruel powerful officials want to ensure that Goa will be world famous for human rights abuses on harmless domain investors using invisible directed energy weapons. After getting relief for nearly 3 weeks due to travel, the human right rights abuses on the harmless obc engineer whose resume has been stolen for call girls and cheaters to get them government jobs, have started again.
The whole body of the harmless single woman engineer has started aching due to the attack of the cruel animal like official wasting indian tax payer money to cover up his fraud of giving references to call girls and cheaters. She cannot even work offline on the laptop for a few hours at night as officials allegedly by google, tata, paypal are ruthlessly stalking and attacking her.

Indian intelligence agencies reward, pamper bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree

The Indian intelligence agencies allegedly CBI and R&AW , bribed by Google, Tata,Paypal are extremely happy with the shivalli brahmin cheater from bengaluru, BBM nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, former Tata power employee, for her section 420 crime of looting a single woman obc engineer of more than Rs 1,1 lakh.

Not only have they rewarded the brahmin fraud nayanashree with a permanent government job for her cheating , falsely claiming that she is an engineer, they are also giving the lazy greedy mediocre brahmin fraud nayanshre credit for all the revenues iof the obc engineer she cheated. In reality after stealing the money, the cunning ungrateful brahmin fraud nayanshre has refused to reply to the engineer, who has filed a complain with bengaluru cybercrime against the section 420 cheater nayanshree, yet the frauds at Tata, R&AW, Google give the brahmin cheater nayanshree credit.

Why do Indian intelligence agencies R&AW and CBI worship and reward brahmin cheaters like BBM nayanshree, give her a salary for cheating when she does no work at all, except cheating engineers