Riddhi Siddhi – dangerous goodlooking GSB goan frauds

Internet users in India should be aware of the good looking and well connected scammer GSB fraud duo from Goa Riddhi Siddhi. The powerful dishonest friends and relatives of the goan cheater riddhi siddhi falsely claim that these women are Paypal account holders to give these mediocre lazy greedy women permanent government jobs allegedly in R&AW at the expense of the real Paypal account holder, an obc engineer.

Additionally the real Paypal account is being attacked daily using invisible directed energy weapons to cause great pain, memory loss, body ache, and it is difficult to get help against these daily human rights abuses . Now the goan GSB fraud duo riddhi siddhi has been stealing the correspondence of the obc engineer, whose resume these cunning good looking cheaters have stolen to get lucrative jobs.
these Goud saraswat brahmins frauds riddhi siddhi are the most shameless liars in India falsely claiming to own the websites where details of their great fraud, cheating will be posted to justify the great powers these lazy greedy shameless cheater GSB women have got including allegedly jobs in R&AW.

When the lazy fraud liar GSB duo riddhi siddhi cannot operate the bank account connected to the Paypal account why are these greedy fraud women so many powers? Or mediocre lazy greedy fraud brahmins like Riddhi Siddhi have the birthright to cheat and exploit brilliant OBC engineers because their fraud relatives and friends have defamed the innocent engineers for years due to casteism