Murder attempt on obc engineer in Goa on 31 July 2015

To cover the Vyapam like sex, cheating for intelligence agency jobs fraud, powerful officials are ruthlessly attacking the obc engineers whose resume has been stolen for goan sluts,siddhi, sunaina, brahmin and other cheaters. On 31 July 2015, these cruel animal like officials are trying to cause a heart attack, using the most sophisticated equipment available in the country,
Heart pain has been observed for some time, forcing the engineer to move to evade these cruel murderers getting a governmemt salary in Goa, who remain invisible falsely claiming national security when they are only concerned about free sex and government jobs for their lazy greedy call girl and cheater friends . The Vyapam fraud investigating journalist Akshay singh and others in the fraud may have also been murdered using similar methods.
why is there no place for honest hardworking people in India and companies, government agencies like google, tata, paypal are allegedly promoting the lazy greedy goan sluts siddhi sunaina, brahmin cheaters riddhi, nayanshree hathwar,