The hypocrisy of Indian corporate world

In India harmless innocent small business owners and professionals face endless harassment even if they earn very little, falsely claiming that they have black money and are a security threat. On the other hand, employees who earn far more than the small business owner are never questioned or under surveillance, whatever their mistake, because they have the support of the large company where they are being employed

For example if an online exporter and engineer will withdraw Rs 10000-rs 11000 monthly for daily expenses like food, travel and hobbies, top officials in India bribed by large corporate will falsely accuse the person of black money, money laundering and waste tax payer money for more than 5 years to track every expense, to find non existent proof to support their false and extremely defamatory allegations. These officials will also threaten to freeze all the bank accounts of the exporter

On the other hand, top executives from some India’s largest companies will spend Rs 11000 in just one evening having drinks and no one will question them . They are free to drive their expensive vehicle with alchohol limit far above the permissible limit, causing accidents repeatedly. The recent accident caused by Janhavi Gadkar, Vice President Legal Affairs, Reliance after spending more than Rs 10000 at Hotel Marine Plaza and Irish Pub in Mumbai is not an isolated incident, there are other employees of large companies who have been involved in accidents late at night after partying.

If a small business owner will work hard to save Rs 30-40 lakh for her old age, the security/intelligence agency officials will steal the savings falsely claiming that it will be misused for terrorism or be a security threat, without even a court order. Filing an RTI to retrieve the hard earned money will also not help On the other hand if a employee of a large company will purchase a vehicle like the Audi Q3 which will cost Rs 30-40 lakh, and will cause accidents no one will say anything, many top executives have similar expensive vehicles and face no harassment

Why are professionals and small business owners second class citizens in India today, falsely accused without proof, with no right to their hard earned money, while employees of large companies with an excellent salary, can do whatever they feel like, drink and drive without being questioned