Notification deleted – Cybercrime at Wikinut

Though the number of indian internet users has increased officially there are few large indian websites because experienced webmasters in India are subjected to cybercrime repeatedly by top officials bribed by large corporates in the indian internet sector. These greedy corrupt officials remain unpunished and are free to cause havoc wasting tax payer money for personal gain, while the victim finds it extremely difficult to get justice. The latest cybercrime at wikinut is an indication of the how dishonest and petty these powerful officials are.

Large internet companies or officials have been commiting corporate espionage on a harmless innocent webmaster for more than 5 years, stealing and deleting her emails giving fake excuses of national security. These officials and their associates are extremely dishonest and petty, however they do not realize that sometimes they will leave proof of their fraud. It appears that the gang hiding behind the bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar or obc cheater goan call girls sunaina,siddhi mandrekar, both of whom are allegedly supported by Google, Tata, and Paypal.

For example the webmaster/writer received a comment on an article published at Wikinut and usually an email notification will be sent to the writer. In this case the email notification was not received. Wikinut also has a messages section where messages are stored online. The message was also deleted there. However the well protected cybercriminals of India working in indian intelligence agencies do not realize that they sometimes leave proof of their crime in their dishonest attempt at causing financial losses to the writer.

In Wikinut on 25 June 2015, someone commented on one of the articles published on Wikinut, the points were incremented, yet all notification was deleted indicating that an attempt has been made to ensure that no one can communicate with the writer using Wikinut, even posting a comment.Though they could delete the comment notification and message, the point increase could not be reversed. The same problem was observed for another writing website in India where a friends request was deleted by the same cybercriminal gang.

Why has so much time and money been wasted to isolate a harmless civilian in India out of hatred and greed? What is the name of those involved in these cybercrimes? Will wikinut be able to trace when the comment was deleted from the message box at wikinut, the IP address of the cybercriminal so that legal action can be taken? Has any another member of wikinut faced a similar problem? Please share