Living in Singapore is Way Different Than It is Here

Singapore is an island directly off the coast of Malaysia. It became a self-governing city-state a few decades ago. It used to be controlled by the British. It even has its own military that happens to be one of the most technologically advanced ones in the world. What really got my attention is that the temperature hovers around the 80s year round, and January is the warmest month! Can you imagine escaping a northeast winter in the US to a home in Singapore? There are lots of places that are super nice to live in found at

The condos you can buy there are top-notch. The places have all the amenities you could ever want in a place to live and so much more. Not only do you get quality construction, granite countertops, private balconies and provided appliances, you are almost certainly going to get some of the grandest swimming pools you can imagine. With the weather being consistent year round, and the weather being suitable for outdoor activities, I would say Singapore has more places to jump into sparkling clear water than any other place I have ever seen. I am not talking about your standard pool shapes either. I am talking about ones like you might see at a resort’s water park. One pool I saw was 50 meters in length. Others had architecture that flowed around the buildings themselves or made a bold statement in a center courtyard between two towers.

The sunshine, warm temperatures, people that speak English, fine condo living spaces and more make Singapore a really interesting work, business and vacation option. The mixed-use buildings are unlike anything I have ever experienced before. You can leave your condo and go to another floor and shop. You can leave that floor to go to another floor and work in an office. You can even go to the roof and relax sitting in the grass under a shady tree.