The Amazing Architecture of the Island of Singapore

There are two new buildings being planned for residential and limited commercial use in Singapore. It is another investment opportunity. The Seaside Residences in Singapore are going to be in District 15 at Siglap Link. There are going to be 845 units that include two commercial spaces. A view of the ocean will make these properties sell fast. The legal completion date is to be in 2024, so you know you want to get in on a project like this early as the units will be claimed through applications fast. If you are like me and missed out on acquiring one or more of the spaces at some of the other prestigious building projects in Singapore, this is a chance to get one by the Sea.

Singapore is unlike anyplace else I have ever seen. The island has a limited amount of square feet available to build, so the Singaporean people have been adding to their land mass by actually making the island bigger. There are other countries that have undertaken land mass expansion projects like this, but it is a necessity for Singapore. The development of projects is driven by the constraints of space. People need grass and trees and beautiful water features along with crystal clear water swimming pools. Singaporeans build these spaces into the buildings themselves.

Some of the most amazing architecture I have ever seen exists in Singapore. I have been on rooftops where the whole roof was a park where you could rest in the grass under a tree. I have seen other structures that have large open spaces like this halfway up the buildings, and they extend out on a ledge to be under the open sky. They are truly wondrous things to behold in architecture that is being built on the island of Singapore.