Selling Copper for the Best Price

When my son asked me how much is copper a pound, I had no idea why he was asking me. I knew that it was a legitimate question coming from him, but I was still curious. He explained that he had some friends who were wanting to sell some copper, so he told them he would see if he could find out the price. He came to me because I used to collect aluminum cans and take them to a local scrap dealer about twice a year to sell them.

I had never sold copper though, so I had no idea how much his friends would get for what they had. I guess it was a substantial amount, and I urged him to make sure that it was legitimately their copper. He has good friends, but I also knew that copper thefts have been on the rise in the last few years because they can net quite a bit of money at scrap dealers. He assured me that the copper was theirs legitimately, so I told him I would help find out where the best place to sell it would be.

I remembered from my days of selling aluminum cans that different scrap dealers would buy the cans for different prices, so I assumed it would be the same for any other kind of scrap metal as well. I went online to see if there was an easy way of finding out what the dealers would buy copper for instead of having to call each one or go to each website to find out the price. I found a site that does all of that for me, and I was able to give my son a list for his friends that had dealers on it that buy copper at the best prices. The Internet really does make everything so much easier.