I Have a Wide Range of Music That I Like

I listen to a lot of music. It encompasses a lot of different styles and genres too. I drive some of my friends crazy with it. They cannot understand how I can listen to country music for one song and then listen to Hindi music for the next. I like the sound of everything from electric guitars to sitars. I have grown up listening to everything from harp to harpsichord music. I could not, however, find a lot of Hindi music until I went to the Songs PK website.

I can hear the commonality of rhythms across different music genres. They say that music is universal, and I think that it is. I watch kids get involved in one type of music and get stuck there. They enjoy it, but they miss out on a world full of different music types. There are all kinds of artists of music, and I have always wondered why there are not more people that listen to different ones instead of just a few. It is okay to enjoy a nice hip hop song and then listen to a classical piece written hundreds of years ago.

Listen to Pachelbel’s Canon in D, and I would bet you cannot tell when it was actually written as it sounds very contemporary. I do appreciate when popular artists of today mix in the sounds of instruments from other cultures into their work. One of my favorite instrument sounds is the didgeridoo. It is an Australian wind instrument that has a rich sound. I guess you can say I have eclectic tastes in music. As I said, it drives my friends crazy that I can listen to and enjoy just about any kind of music. I even find interesting sounds and rhythm patterns in Punk music. That is hard for people who do not listen to it on a regular basis.