Missing pen drive another indication of harassment of obc bhandari domain investor in India

In an indication of how crooked the shameless mainly brahmin officials in the indian internet sector, intelligence agencies are, these fraud men, after stealing the retirement savings of the obc bhandari engineer, cheating her, do everything possible to leave her penniless,

When she ordered 2 pendrives online, these fraud shameless powerful brahmin officials asked the crooked seller to only ship one pen drive to force the obc bhandari buyer to waste time to get the missing item delivered.

These fraud sex starved officials are also falsely claiming that the lazy greedy cheater goan bhandari obc slut slim bsc sunaina who offers them sex bribes is the domain investor, Paypal account holder , to justify the lucrative R&AW job she has got, when the goan bhandari slut sunaina does not spend a single paisa on the domain names and control the Paypal account, though the crooked powerful men she has sex with, continue waste tax payer money to spread lies,

Greedy lazy cheater Goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar are also involved in similar impersonation fraud like goan obc slut sunaina