My Parents Think That It’s Wonderful That I’m Living a New Life

For a long time, my parents would say that they thought it was really odd that so many couples met one another online. Then, I happened to meet my current husband the same way! He lives in the New Futura in Singapore, and that is where I now live, too. My parents are really proud of me and think I’ve found the perfect match for me. Mom says she and my dad no longer think it is so odd that people meet online. She has now had the chance to see her own daughter find her soulmate, and she thinks it makes good sense to meet people from around the world online.

I live in Singapore with my spouse now. The first time that I came here to visit him, I was in awe of this country. It is so different from what I was used to. He was born here, so he was happy to show me all of the places here that he has known his entire life. When we first began talking about where we would live after getting married, I told him that I would move to be with him at first. This is because I didn’t have a full-time career or a place that I owned of my own. He runs a business here and owns his own condo.

We have both talked about moving back to the US one day, but for now, we are in no hurry. My parents are always happy about flying here to stay with us for visits throughout the year. They really enjoy spending time my husband’s parents, so they come here to hang out with all four of us for a few weeks throughout the year. We really enjoy showing my parents around the city. They both love the place that we live in. My mother said that she would buy a place here as well if she and my dad were much younger.