Only in India FREE SEX bribes accepted for registering, renewing domain names

Usually people purchase domain names and renew them paying their hard earned money, however india seems to be the major exception
Only in the democratic republic of India are goan call girls siddhi mandrekar, sunaina given government jobs allegedly in R&AW with salary and pension for the rest of their lives despite not spending a single paisa on domain renewals and registration, because the top officials in the indian internet sector have officially decided that lazy greedy young women offering bribes of unlimited free sex to top officials are to be promoted as domain investors to all the internet companies worldwide .

After receiving the free sex bribes from these lazy greedy goan call girls these powerful officials will launch a vicious slander to defame the real domain investor, waste a huge amount of tax payer to monitor all the activities of the real obc engineer and domain investor and then abuse their considerable powers to promote the lazy greedy goan call girls as domain investors.

The extremely powerful officials allegedly in NTRO (the indian equivalent of NSA ) will deploy the most sophisticated equipment to closely monitor whatever the obc domain investor and engineer is doing so that they can falsely claim that the lazy greedy goan call girls and brahmin cheaters are doing all the work, when these lazy greedy women do no work at all. This fraud of promoting call girls and brahmin cheaters like BBM bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar, greedy goan riddhi as domain investors, onlinee exporters has continued for more than three years now, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money

When the real domain investor will spend money online the powerful propaganda machine promoting the lazy greedy goan call girls especially sunaina will swing into action, and falsely claim that sunaina is spending the money. In reality the lazy greedy call goan girls do not spend a single paisa online, only have recreational sex with the top officials, who then abuse their powers to get great powers and lucrative assignments for the goan call girls and their associates at the expense of the real domain investor, who has got nothing. Why are these shameless liars and cheaters considered respectable and honourable in Indian society today

The Indian sex scam for lucrative government jobs has become world famous among domain investors , only in the indian online and offline media has the scandalous story not been reported as the media is too frightened of these powerful officials to cover the story. This scandal has continued for more than two years, without being detected. It remains to be seen for how long these officials will continue to accept free sex bribes for promoting lazy greedy goan call girls as domain investors and defaming, exploiting the real domain investor