How are government jobs for mediocre relatives and friends not corruption.

Cunning Officials in the indian internet sector like to falsely claim that there is no corruption as they do not openly demand bribes. However these same officials will abuse their powers to get very lucrative positions for their mediocre lazy greedy friends and relatives at the expense of a very deserving brilliant and hardworking person, stealing the resume of the brililiant person. A bribe is paid only once, for fraudulent government job appointment, the family gets a salary and pension for the rest of their lives.

This trend has been observed in both Goa and Karnataka. The pattern is similar in both the states. The brilliant harmless innocent obc engineer was defamed in the worst possible manner without proof to ruin her reputation professionally. People were encouraged to make false allegations rewarding them. Her retirement savings of twenty years were stolen without a court order to blackmail her. Then powerful fraud officials cunningly faked concern for her,to steal her resume for the lazy greedy mediocre cheater women they were infatuated with.

The stolen resume was then used to get these lazy greedy cheater women like shivalli brahmin cheater BBM nayanshree hathwar, goan diploma holder cheater siddhi mandrekar, goan call girl sunaina, brahmin fraud riddhi, asmita patel, veena, ruchika, permanent government jobs allegedly in R&AW with salary and pension for the rest of their lives. None of these cheater women would have got the lucrative job with their own resume. Now the fraud officials want the obc engineer to give up her impressive resume and savings if she wants the government job she deserved .

It was the fault of the top officials in the indian internet sector and intelligence agencies that they defamed a harmless innocent woman without proof or checking the information on the basis of which the false allegations were made.Now why do they expect her to pay the price for their terrible mistake. Already they have stolen her retirement savings,sexually harassed her for years, how much more should she suffer for their mistake.

Now they refuse to admit their mistake, and have got permanent government jobs for their lazy greedy mediocre relatives and friends who helped them in exploiting the obc engineer. The cunning sister of the obc engineer does not matter as there is no connection. How is this not corruption?