Beti Padhao, Beti ka paisa looto

The government in India has officially launched the scheme Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao ( Educate your daughter, save her) with great fanfare but unofficially indian intelligence agencies, allegedly R&AW and CBI have launched the scheme Beti Padhao, Beti ka paisa looto (Educate your daughter, indian intelligence agency officials, allegedly CBI will steal and waste all her savings) wasting tax payer money to ensure that no legal action can be taken against them.

A brilliant harmless single woman OBC engineer, whose parents had made sacrifices so that she could study and get her electrical engineering degree from a top engineering college in India , finds that her retirement savings of twenty years have been stolen, allegedly by a government official without a court order or legally valid reason. Why are officials who get a salary allowed to steal and keep the retirement savings of a stranger without her permission or legally valid reason.

These officials have made completely false allegations against the innocent obc engineer without any proof, sexually harassed for more than 5 years trying to find non existent proof, diverted and stolen her correspondence, denying her fundamental right to privacy and to earn a fair living. Thes officials do not have any proof to justify their theft of a single woman’s retirement savings, in writing after 5 years, yet they are keeping all the documents and savings of the obc single woman engineer causing great hardship. She has wasted a lot of time and money trying to retrieve her retirement savings

Filing an RTI request on 13 January 2015 with the ministry of women and child affairs ( transferred to financial services department) has not helped the single woman obc engineer as these cunning officials are refusing to acknowledge the problem, though a detective hired and the local police have confirmed that the theft of documents and savings remains a common practice in the indian internet sector. At present, an appeal has been filed with Anna Roy, Director Vigilance, Ministry of Finance which was received by her on 15 May 2015 according to Indian post. No reply received from Anna Roy till date,

Why should a woman study in a top engineering college, work hard for twenty years,work for years, if she does not have the right to her retirement savings of twenty years in India in 2015 and the official who has stolen the money is least bothered ? It appears that only women with a brilliant academic record are exploited and cheated in this manner in India as dishonest powerful officials try to steal their resume for their mediocre cheater lazy relatives and friends? Can the officials launching the “Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao” scheme explain why highly educated brilliant women are second class citizens in india today ?