The secularism mask slips in India

The news media had a report on how a muslim applicant for a job was told directly that he was not eligible for the position because of his religion. Later when a person threatened to take the firm to the national commission for minorities, they said that it was a mistake, They were very cunningly trying to cover up the hidden policy of the organization.

Informally the company, diamond and jewelry exporters have decided not recruit people of a certain religion or other profile. However their new HR trainee was not aware that this fact should not be revealed to the applicant and she informed the muslim applicant directly creating an uproar in the media, as the discrimination victim had proof.

This happens all the time, minorities and lower caste people face non stop discrimination in India especially when they are not well connected. Highly lucrative Jobs with great powers in intelligence agencies like R&AW, CBI, NTRO and others are reserved mainly for Brahmins, though some mediocre lower caste puppets may get a job . This has been highlighted in the online media and also in Tehelka.
The discrimination in intelligence agencies is particularly important as these officials cannot be held accountable and no legal action can be taken though they may be openly involved in cheating, human rights abuses, extortion and fraud. Like the jewelry exporter, the intelligence agency also has a hidden policy of excluding lower caste people. In case of an brilliant obc engineer, her resume was stolen for brahmin and other cheaters like nayanshree hathwar, a mediocre obc call girl sunaina to get all these mediocre women permanent intelligence agency jobs

The powerful officials are promoting mediocre cheaters and call girls because they know that these lazy greedy cheater women will never achieve much, pose a threat to them, they will be their puppet for the rest of their lives because there is no will to promote merit in India.