Powerful officials in India specialize in framing innocent obc professionals

Though the media may complain about the corruption levels in indian society the most high status respectable officials and people often specialize in framing innocent obc professionals to exploit them for the rest of their lives. These mainly brahmin officials have no morals, conscience or humanity yet have been given great powers and cannot be held accountable. The media does not have the courage to expose these shameless powerful officials

These powerful officials will make up the most malicious rumors without proof to defame, cheat and exploit the professional, especially single women and then steal the impressive resume for their mediocre lazy greedy cheater relatives and friends. Drunk with power, these officials will never acknowledge their mistake in defaming an innocent person or try to correct the damage caused to an innocent harmless person. The great fraud of these officials will not affect their social status, an indication of the rot in indian society today

The obc professional has two alternatives, one accept the defamation and get exploited for the rest of their lives which is what the shamelesss fraud powerful officials in India, especially the internet sector, expect after wasting tax payer money for 5 years to defame, exploit and cheat an innocent person . Many lazy greedy obc cheaters like the goan bsc call girl sunaina betray the hardworking obc professionals, becoming accomplices of these fraud officials for short term gain.

The other alternative is to expose the fraud of these shameless fraud officials, which can be a very lonely fight against the system as these powerful officials can waste infinite tax payer money to cover up their great fraud of defaming an innocent person and stealing her resume for mediocre lazy greedy call girls who sleep with these officials, brahmin and other cheaters. these cunning fraud officials will ensure that no lawyer, activist or media outlet has the courage to fight for the innocent victim. The only option will be the media outlet actually owned by the innocent obc professional

These shameless greedy officials have no morals or humanity, it will be fighting against greedy robots who claim to be respectable and can waste infinite tax payer money for their personal gain and grudges