Fraud officials in India fake concern to steal resume of obc engineer

The fraud mainly brahmin officials in Indian intelligence agencies like R&AW and CBI have allegedly developed a very cheap and effective way to steal the resume of a brilliant obc engineer and destroy her life. These officials actually hate the obc engineer, yet they cunningly find excuses to put the harmless innocent obc engineer under surveillance for years so that they can find out everything about her.

Then these shameless cunning men fake concern, claiming that they know the obc engineer very well so that they can steal the impressive resume of the obc engineer for numerous mediocre lazy greedy inexperienced call girls, brahmin cheaters and frauds they are infatuated with. After stealing the resume and getting the call girls, brahmin and other cheaters permanent government jobs allegedly in R&AW with salary and pension, using the stolen resume, the cunning brahmin officials are now washing their hands off the mess they created.

What right do these powerful brahmin officials have to steal the resume of a single woman obc engineer and use it to get governmemt jobs for frauds? Why are these frauds with government jobs given powers of surveillance over the obc engineer whose resume they have stolen, with all the phone calls, smses, emails, postal mail diverted to these cheater women making it difficult to earn a fair living.
The biggest brahmin fraud official allegedly instigated by google, tata, paypal is a director of bangalore company P , who stole the resume of the obc engineer for goan diploma holder, cheater and call girl siddhi mandrekar, brahmin fraud BBM nayanshre hathwar, blackmailer ruchika, housewife veena to get all these mediocre cheater women permanent government jobs in R&AW . The bangalore director Puneet also stole the retirement savings of the single woman obc engineer, and his darling cheater nayanshree has also cheated his obc classmate of more than Rs 1,1 lakh of her hard earned money,

Following the footsteps of the fraud p, is J srinivasan, allegedly working in NTRO who also falsely claimed that Goan call girl 2013 bsc sunaina was his Btech 1993 electrical engineering classmate to get her a job in R&AW , actually for sleeping with top officials .
Other fraud women who have got permanent R&AW jobs faking a Btech 1993 electrical engineering degree are greedy goan fraud GSB Riddhi and stock broker Asmita patel who falsely claim to be online exporters when these well connected frauds do not spend a single paisa online rt