Short people are second class citizens in India

Though the lofty indian constitution officially states that all citizens have equal rights, unofficially the prejudices against short people have become greater in the last few decades. The most powerful people instead of being well read intellectuals are shallow people who think that the appearance of a person defines his or ability.These narrow minded powerful people refuse to acknowledge the fact that the height of a person is determined by genetic factors

Brilliant people who are short are expected to play second fiddle to mediocre lazy greedy cheaters just because these cheaters are tall and good looking . Otherwise the short person will get a raw deal, especially in the indian intelligence agencies like R&AW where officials will steal their impressive resume for the taller mediocre lazy greedy good looking frauds.

Unlike China where the officials have the foresight not to let their personal prejudices affect their judgement and lead to wastage of talent, in India, the top officials have extremely closed minds and are rigid . One of the most famous chinese of today Jack Ma, The founder of Alibaba is not tall by indian standards.

In India an experienced obc engineer, webmaster, domain investor and online exporter has been subjected to non stop harassment, exploitation, cheating, theft of retirement savings and resume, correspondence because of her caste, appearance and height, The powerful cowards who harass her, never lose an opportunity to mock her for being short, after stalking her.

Realizing that the prejudice will remain, short business owners are moving out of india where merit and hardwork are more important compared to factors beyond the control of a person like his or her height.
Taller frauds like riddhi siddhi, nayanshree, sunaina are rewarded for cheating and corporate espionage. Use an antivirus to remove the malware