Fake passport fraud on obc bhandari engineer in Goa

Continuing the financial, defamation and impersonation fraud on the middle aged obc bhandari single woman engineer, it appears that some well connected fraud had applied for a passport in her name in Goa. In an indication of the criminal tendencies of the fraud women who are being promoted by the top officials, it appears that the police had contacted a neighbour, asking for details of her house, saying that the obc bhandari engineer had applied for a passport.
The obc bhandari engineer already had a valid passport issued in some other state, why will she apply for a passport again. Why does another fraud want to misuse the name of the obc bhandari engineer, and apply for the passport, why does the fraud not use her own name, address, for applying for the passport.
In any othe place, no one would have thought of impersonating the experienced obc bhandari engineer, only in goa the shameless fraud officials allegedly bribed by tata, google, are involved in a major impersonation fraud and are planning to get a fake passport issued.