Harassment for delivery of postal mail

Increasingly tax payer money is being wasted to ensure that people are harassed for delivering mail to the domain investor,especially in Goa. Those monitoring the domain investor, will ensure that the postman or courier will try to deliver when the domain investor is not at the specified address. The domain investor will have to go to the post office, which is very far away, to collect the mail, yet the postman will try to avoid interacting with the domain investor.
So the postal mail will not be available at the post office even when the domain investor is trying to collect it, and is asked to come later .
It appears that mainly men are being harassed for interacting with the domain investor wasting tax payer money. Who are the officials harassing people for interacting with the domain investor, what is the reason or motivation for wasting so much time and money to monitor the domain investor and all the correspondence.