Car driving Organized stalking gang member

The organized stalking gang has many members who synchronize their activities to harass the obc bhandari domain investor, to send non verbal or visual messages. They have a single aim, to cause mental stress, exploit and cheat the domain investor to the extent possible .
One of the members who is most commonly used to represent the indore housewife veena has a purple/blue car with number plate **** K2718. The woman of average height, wears spectacles and times her departure or arrival to match the activities of the domain investor, indicating that the domain investor is being closely monitored, On 3 October 2015, an incident occured again.

The fraud officials of the indian intelligence agencies are falsely claiming that veena owns the domain names, to justify the great powers, lucrative job allegedly in R&AW she has been given, when actually veena does not spend a single paisa on the domain names, However these fraud officials, allegedly bribed by google, tata, are ruthless in defaming the harmless domain investor who they hate, out of hatred and for corporate goals.

More details of the bespectacled organized stalking gang member and other incidents will be provided soon, when these people will stalk the domain investor again. These officials and their puppets provide news content for the domain investor who may be otherwise accused of duplicate content at the websites