Officials are helped by greedy fraud young women in exploiting older women

Powerful officials find it easy to defame, exploit and cheat older women, because there is no shortage of lazy greedy cheater young women who will become accomplices in the elaborate fraud of these powerful ruthless officials to become rich and powerful overnight.

These powerful men have no qualms abusing their great powers to give fake references to the lazy greedy cheater young women, if these fraud young women will help them in harassing and cheating the older woman. These young women are extremely selfish and greedy when they agree to be accomplices of these fraud powerful men. They do not realize that in a few years time, they too will be exploited and cheated in a similar manner. Their godfathers, will usually retire and they will be left to fend for themselves

when these lazy greedy cheater young women agree to take part in impersonation frauds they are betraying all hardworking professionally qualified women