Looking for a Condo to Live in

When my wife and I first decided to look at condos, we decided to drive by a couple that were pretty close to us. We thought we would be able to get a general idea about the ones we looked at this way, but it didn’t quite work out that way. We needed more information than we could see, which is why we turned our search to the computer instead. We figured we would be able to find a lot more information this way, and we did. We were able to go to www.sol.com.sg, which is a website devoted to new condo developments in Singapore.

If we had known it would have been this easy, we would have started our search out this way. We were able to look at only the districts we wanted, and each development was listed with all the details we needed to make a decision if it was the right development for us or not. We were able to see the cost, the tenure details, the amenities for each one, the exact location and which stations each one is close to, and so much more.

What really helped us the most, after reading all the details and narrowing our condo search down to two developments, were the pictures that this site had for the different condo units. It was nice to see the renderings of the units themselves since this allowed us to see how the floor plans are laid out, but it was even nicer to see actual pictures of different aspects of the condos. This gave us a view of each one that was just not possible simply by driving by the different developments, and that is what helped my wife and I choose the condo that we eventually moved into not that long ago!