Gel Nails Are Not Easy to Come by

As someone who travels a lot of the time, I know a few things about situations that most people don’t think of. Whether you are getting a haircut in France or looking for a manicure service in Singapore, knowing that beauty issues do happen from time to time can better help you in situations. One of my more interesting experiences was in Singapore.

Before my trip, I had gotten a manicure and some gel nails put on. Gel, to me, had always been sturdy and hardly ever broke. Gel is also huge in the US and not so much any place else that I have encountered. When I went to Singapore, guess what happened? Yes, one of my gel tips came right off when I was picking up my bags. This had happened right as I got there so I was left with the option of having my nails look odd for a few days or find someone who could fix it. That was a challenge. I called a few places and most told me “no” and others thought I was talking about gel polish. I needed one nail redone, just one!

I finally found a salon that said they could repair the gel nail. Going from the “no’s” to a “yes” it was safe to say, I was skeptical. I went anyway. If it was a fluke, then maybe they can do something to help even if it meant getting some other type of nail and getting my nails all painted to match. When I walked in, the salon tech asked if I was the one that called about gel and I told her I was. She had me sit down and looked at my nail. I asked if she could fix it and she didn’t say anything. I immediately thought that I was wasting my time. She eventually said “I can fix this.” She worked very hard to make the nail match the others with the gel nail situation and by the end of it, it was a perfect match! I couldn’t thank her enough! I paid her and gave her a tip and would have hugged her if I thought it wasn’t in bad taste to do so. In the end, that nail outlasted the other gel nails I had put on. If I could book a trip to Singapore every time I needed nails to go to that salon, I would.