My Job Stems from the Fact That I Did Not Go to College

It sit for long hours every day because I drive a taxi. One would think that sitting would not stress your body out very much, but it really does. That’s why I have a standing appointment with a San Jose chiropractor twice a month. I’m a senior now, and there really is no other job that I can switch to that would keep me from needing to sit down for long hours. So, there really is no reason for me to try to look into doing something else. I’m good at what I do, and I don’t wish to switch careers at this point in my life anyway.

I dreamed of going to college when I was in high school. But my mom fell sick with a chronic illness during the last years of my time in high school. Every day I would come home from school and took care of my mother. She meant so much to me. She did so much for me before she got sick. As a single mother, she had to do everything on her own for herself and me. A lot of young people take that sort of thing for granted, but I never did.

Once my mom became ill, I immediately feared that I would lose her soon. She lived for another five years after her initial diagnosis. However after I got out of high school, I was unable to go to college right away. I need to get a job so that I can take care of mom and myself. I needed to put food on the table for both of us. I worked hard, and then came home each night to take care of her. It was so hard to lose her, but we really became close during those last years together.